WIP Wednesday: Under Her Spell
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WIP Wednesday: Under Her Spell

WIP:?Under Her Spell

Romance the Wolf

SERIES:?Keystone Predators

?Are they always like this?? Daphne asked her cousin as they watched Ryder chase after Diego. Even in his cowboys boots he was quicker than the woman, but not by much. She reminded Daphne of the young pups after their first shift. The excitement and adrenaline coursing through their veins. The endorphin high that increased speed and endurance. It couldn?t be much different for a human turned shifter.


Gideon looked at her and shrugged. ?Yeah. She misses her brothers even though she won?t admit it and Diego ended up being a good surrogate. He loves playing along. Probably because he?s an only child.?


?That must make life here?entertaining.?


?Yep,? he snorted.

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