WIP Wednesday: Gideon
Mystic Zodiac, WIP Wednesday

WIP Wednesday: Gideon

WIP: Gideon


SERIES:?Mystic Zodiac
MONTH: March


?Too much to drink last night, baby brother?? She smirked over the rim of her cup as Jon?s eyes rounded in surprise. She knew he?d gone out with his friends the night before. Pansy made a point of telling her they showed up at the bar she worked at. It would totally piss their dad off too since Jon would be filling in for her while she was on vacation.


?Son,? their dad said in that deep ?you better tell the truth or I?m gonna beat your ass? voice.


Ryder loved to see her brothers get in trouble. She considered it payback for being overprotective dicks while in high school. Sure, it was great they had her back, but they made it damn near impossible to date. It hadn?t been until her junior year that she had her first boyfriend and she only got to date him because he was new to the school. He hadn?t been warned to stay away or had his manhood threatened when her brothers were still there.

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