WIP Wednesday: Adrian
Mystic Zodiac, WIP Wednesday

WIP Wednesday: Adrian

WIP: Adrian:?August


SERIES:?Mystic Zodiac

Lucas chuckled. ?Don?t give me that look. And do go thinking I don?t know all about you, Adrian. I check out all of the people who apply to work here. Carol may have hired you but I know all about your other job. You?re a dragon; it?s to be expected. But try to keep your hands off the gems of young, hot girls.? Lucas gave him a knowing look.


Adrian worked to keep his face from flushing at being caught. Thank the Gods, or his parents, for his darker complexion. ?Yes, sir.?


?Good. Just don?t do it again. Carol was able to convince the girl she wasn?t wearing it when she came in. But then I expected nothing less from my progeny. Now tell me about this Chinese Dragon and why you need to find her. I may know a few people who can help if need be.?

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