WIP Wednesday: A glimpse at Mace
Mystic Zodiac, WIP Wednesday

WIP Wednesday: A glimpse at Mace


Mace: November
Mystic Zodiac 11

She turned his way the closer he got. The sound of gravel crunching under his feet a dead giveaway to his approach. One of those soft smiles curved lips he wanted to devour. ?Will we be heading to the site now??

?Yep. Let me check in with Tobias one last time and grab an extra battery pack for the walkie.? Walking past her, he couldn?t resist touching her. He brushed his hand against hers. Grasping her hand?for a moment before he continued on. Her soft surprised inhale didn?t go unnoticed by him. In fact, the delicate sound had the hair on his arms standing on end as tingles drifted up them. Choosing to ignore the reaction, he entered the office.

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