Teaser Tuesday: Thane #2
Mystic Zodiac, Teaser Tuesday

Teaser Tuesday: Thane #2

Teaser Tuesday: 2 of 3
Make sure you come back on Dec 30th?for the final teaser before the release.

Mystic Zodiac, Book 1


January 5th

The woman might actually be the death of him, if that were at all possible. For the third day in a row, Thane followed Amara into the depths of Viral City. Each day she traveled deeper and deeper within. The farther she went, the more dangerous it became, and the more his nerves frayed.

Hunching his shoulders, Thane kept a good distance between him and his quarry. Irritation crawled through him when a drunken man rammed into his shoulder, mumbling incoherently. The smell of alcohol emanating from him so overwhelming, he was sure anyone in a five-foot radius would get drunk off the fumes.

Pushing the man aside, Thane plodded on, keeping Amara in his sight. ?Keep her from doing something stupid,? he mumbled. ?How about pack her in bubble wrap, lock her in a padded room, and throw away the key?? Or tie her to my bed where I can keep her in an orgasmic coma until it is time for her to move on. The thought of her moving on, though, didn?t fill him with relief. If anything, his anxiety levels ratcheted up another notch.

It hadn?t been difficult to find her the day Gabriel gave him the task. He zeroed in on her the moment she stepped within the border of the four-city block area. The woman stood out like a sore thumb. Slick, dark hair pulled back into a braid, as in the picture. She wore a yellow sweater that hugged her torso like a second skin and her deep blue jeans cupped her legs and ass like a possessive lover. Sturdy boots completed the outfit, and he was oddly thankful for that. There would be no chance of her stumbling and falling to the ground because of spiky, impractical heels. The thing that made her stand out the most was the healthy, vibrant aura around her; it was completely different than the people who actually lived there.

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