Blog Challenge – Day 26


Tiger Nip, Book 3


She wasn?t surprised by his attitude. He was used to people jumping when he snapped. Sadly for him, she would not be one of them. The idea of letting her mate run roughshod over her left a bad taste in her mouth.

Counting down the seconds, she knew exactly when he stepped into the room. The warm scent of his musk drifted to her, rippling over her body. She repressed the shiver wanting to take hold. The door shut, lock clicking in place. Focus on work. Let him bring up moving in.


Blog Challenge – Day 12 – WIP Wednesday




Carolline came awake slowly. Something heavy was draped across her midsection. Peeling her eyes open, she turned her head to the right.


Maybe it wasn?t all a dream yesterday.


Devon Andersen was definitely lying in bed with her. His eyes were still closed. Breathing deep and relaxed. A lock of dark hair drifted down onto his forehead. Damn, he was sexy when he was asleep. And funny enough, he?s your mate!


Blog Challenge – Day 4

FINDING MORE Tiger Nip, Book 3 DIDN’T MAKE THE CUT Granted those experts don?t take hybrids into account. From my studies the majority of hybrids don?t fall into the normal standards because of their recessive genes. Hybrids with fewer recessive genes will fall closer to the norm. Someone like me, who has a lot of …


WIP Wednesday: Adrian

WIP: Adrian:?August


SERIES:?Mystic Zodiac

Lucas chuckled. ?Don?t give me that look. And do go thinking I don?t know all about you, Adrian. I check out all of the people who apply to work here. Carol may have hired you but I know all about your other job. You?re a dragon; it?s to be expected. But try to keep your hands off the gems of young, hot girls.? Lucas gave him a knowing look.


Adrian worked to keep his face from flushing at being caught. Thank the Gods, or his parents, for his darker complexion. ?Yes, sir.?


?Good. Just don?t do it again. Carol was able to convince the girl she wasn?t wearing it when she came in. But then I expected nothing less from my progeny. Now tell me about this Chinese Dragon and why you need to find her. I may know a few people who can help if need be.?