New Release: Dallas & Kacie ~ Tiger Bite

Today is the official release day for the next foray into the Tiger Nip world. This time around I am bringing to light two characters that played more in the background. I thought it would be fun to take this little side trip as we roll into the holidays.

Tiger Bite_200x300

Dallas & Kacie ~?Tiger Bite

A Tiger Nip short story

It?s the holiday season and Kacie Cook is counting down the hours until its time to close up?Sweet Confections. Not that she has any great plans for the week the bakery is closed. She won?t be seeing her family?yet again, and all of her friends are too busy. All she has planned is a little rest and relaxation. That is until the last customer of the night walks in. Could he be the one to bring some holiday cheer and possibly change her life forever?

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WIP Wednesday

This is a little bit from the Tiger Bite I’m working on. All of it is unedited.

Kacie tossed her head back and laughed. ?Yeah, well I can always drop him off at the shelter just in case. No, you?re right. I wouldn?t do that. But if I don?t show up at work Monday you?ll at least know who did it when you come looking for me and find my dead body.?

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