Teaser Tuesday: Thane #3

Teaser Tuesday: 3 of 3
Look for Thane on?January 5th.

Mystic Zodiac, Book 1


Thane emerged from the bathroom and strode across Amara?s bedroom like he owned the place. Hell, he felt like the king of the world after what just happened. His period of abstinence was over thanks to the little vixen in disguise. Her unashamed desire rocked him and all thoughts of her being a sweet, na?ve creature were obliterated. She had dropped to her knees and taken what she wanted from him without glancing back when she was done.

He thought he could keep the woman off his mind while showering. He had been so very wrong. Deciding to use her bathroom had been his biggest mistake. The second he turned on the water and the room filled with her soft jasmine scent, he figured out the flaw in his plan. His shaft came to life and his skin became ultra sensitive. All thoughts of avoiding her and keeping his distance evaporated with his common sense.

He didn?t know how long he stood under the water waiting for her. Hoping she would come find him. It sounded so desperate to him now. Not once in his life had he longed for a woman to make the first move. It proved how out of practice he was after all.

Standing under the hot spray, he was seconds from getting out when she finally joined him. The lust and need sparkling in her eyes, and the way she devoured him with her gaze, told him he was in for a ride. He didn?t count on her going to her knees and blowing him. Honestly, he had no idea what would happen.

For the love of Zeus, it had been the best blowjob he?d had in centuries. He remembered what sex felt like: the rush of endorphins, slick skin sliding against slick skin, the heated clasp of his lover?s body, and finally, the euphoric feeling of climax. It came as a punishment, a reminder of what he had done wrong.

But those memories didn?t live up to Amara and how she made him feel. There was a connection he had never known, a link binding them together that had nothing to do with his task.

The touch of her hand on his skin made him ache for more. The lust in her eyes made him want to cover her, fill her, and watch her explode. The twinge in his heart, which tended not to be involved, told him he needed to tread carefully. Maybe it was finally getting a response from his long-dormant body. Perhaps it was helping someone truly in need. It might even be that he thought he could actually fall in love. He didn?t know the reasons, but it scared the shit out of him?if he thought about it too long.

White towel wrapped around his hips, he stopped next to the bed where she had laid out his clothes. The clean shirt and fresh denim ready to be put on. ?Ready to have me leave so soon??

She shrugged and stepped into a pair of black yoga pants. She shimmied them up her hips seductively before sliding a dark pink tank top over her head, covering her naked breasts. ?That?s entirely up to you. I appreciate all of the help, but if you need to go, then go.?

Gathering up her wet towel she brushed by him, snagging his as she went. It came off with little effort. His cock started to fill as the cool air in the room drifted over him. It was like the thing had a mind of its own now.

Grumbling, he pulled on his jeans and left his T-shirt where it lay. He didn?t plan on leaving. In fact, he hoped to stay the night.

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Teaser Tuesday: Thane #2

Teaser Tuesday: 2 of 3
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Mystic Zodiac, Book 1


January 5th

The woman might actually be the death of him, if that were at all possible. For the third day in a row, Thane followed Amara into the depths of Viral City. Each day she traveled deeper and deeper within. The farther she went, the more dangerous it became, and the more his nerves frayed.

Hunching his shoulders, Thane kept a good distance between him and his quarry. Irritation crawled through him when a drunken man rammed into his shoulder, mumbling incoherently. The smell of alcohol emanating from him so overwhelming, he was sure anyone in a five-foot radius would get drunk off the fumes.

Pushing the man aside, Thane plodded on, keeping Amara in his sight. ?Keep her from doing something stupid,? he mumbled. ?How about pack her in bubble wrap, lock her in a padded room, and throw away the key?? Or tie her to my bed where I can keep her in an orgasmic coma until it is time for her to move on. The thought of her moving on, though, didn?t fill him with relief. If anything, his anxiety levels ratcheted up another notch.

It hadn?t been difficult to find her the day Gabriel gave him the task. He zeroed in on her the moment she stepped within the border of the four-city block area. The woman stood out like a sore thumb. Slick, dark hair pulled back into a braid, as in the picture. She wore a yellow sweater that hugged her torso like a second skin and her deep blue jeans cupped her legs and ass like a possessive lover. Sturdy boots completed the outfit, and he was oddly thankful for that. There would be no chance of her stumbling and falling to the ground because of spiky, impractical heels. The thing that made her stand out the most was the healthy, vibrant aura around her; it was completely different than the people who actually lived there.

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Teaser Tuesday: Thane #1

Teaser Tuesday: 1 of 3
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Mystic Zodiac, Book 1

01_Jan_Angel_200x300January 3rd

Grigori?Fallen Angel?Watcher?

It didn?t matter what people called him. Thane knew the truth. Of all the names in the world, only one described him to a T?Damned.

Damned to hell on Earth fifty years ago because of one simple misunderstanding.

Damned to watch over humans, demons, and other Mystics, while listening for their cries of help. Hoping each time he aided them; it would redeem his image in the eyes of the Gods.

Worst of all, he was damned to obey the whims of a man he once called friend. To bow down before the man; when before they stood on equal ground.

Pushing through the front door of his home at daybreak, the first beams of soft light filtered in behind him chasing the darkness away. The soothing scent of warm leather and cedar washed over his senses, clearing the stench that earlier filled every pore. It felt good to be back home.

?Mark off another lackluster evening watching over the scum of Viral City.?

Fuck, he was beat.

Instead of wasting away his days chasing women for sport on Olympus, he now spent each and every waking minute searching for a way to earn his way back into Zeus?s good graces. To show his remorse for treading where he shouldn?t have. As of yet, he?d had no luck wooing the capricious God.