Mystic Monday: Parvati Falls in Love

Parvati: February Heroine: Parvati Hero: Colin Patterson Ahhh Parvati. She loves love but hasn’t had the best of luck in that arena. In fact, guys have started going out with her as a way to find?their one true love. She’s pretty sick of being the girl guys date in order to find another girl. Thank …


WIP Wednesday: Parvati


SERIES:?Mystic Zodiac
MONTH: February

??No, no, no.? Parvati smashed the keys on her keyboard hoping one of them would stop the pop-ups decorating her screen. Her computer display froze for a second before a new single box popped up in the middle. ?You?re drunk. Go home. No one wants to date you.? The giant laughing emoticon that followed filling up the screen pushed her over the edge. Picking up her mouse she threw it across the room and watched it ping off the wall.