Happy New Year!

Today as we ring in the new year I thought I would take a look back at my first year of publishing. Wow! Just typing it is cool. I’m not one of those authors that says “I always wanted to write.” In high school I enjoyed writing. On vacations to my Nana’s I would hide away in one of the rooms and write my stories of unrequited love. After I got all of the emotions and feelings out on paper I would fold it up into the smallest square possible and set it aside until next time. It was never something I ached to do or was a life goal. But as you know with time, goals change and I like to think I’ve grown into the real me that lurked inside.

On May 31st I released my first ever book. It is my take on the shapeshifter idea featuring large cats, tigers to be specific. I love tigers and I’m pretty sure that’s my inner animal.

Craving More


Craving More became an Amazon Best Seller which was so freaking fantastic. It was #908 Paid in Kindle Store. Hit #13 in Werewolves & Shifters, #21 in Paranormal & Urban and #38 in Fantasy & Futuristic.

Next up I decided to release a Contemporary Romance Novella. I dedicated it to my husband because he’s Airborne qualified in the US Army. I love it when I can see him jump. It such a cool thing. I, myself, have even done a tandem jump while we lived in Colorado Springs. My instructor was a cutie from Australia. It’s a rush to jump out of a plane and I can see why Todd (my husband) loves being on Jump Status.

Caught in the Moment

Current Cover


While not a smash hit like Craving More, Caught in the Moment ?landed on 2 best seller lists. It also showed me that ?paranormal romance might be the genre I should concentrate on. Readers seemed to really love the tigers!

In October Claiming More released on Amazon KDP. I never knew how difficult it would be to write another book on a series. The pressure that goes with making sure its as good as or better than the first. I knew people wanted a longer book, more of my Tiger Nip world and let’s face it, Sam had a lot to live up to from the quick glances we saw of him in Craving More. I feel I’ve done a damn good job of living up to Craving More.

Claiming More


To round out my year I released a short story. (yes….it really is a short story). Dallas & Kacie was a way for me to write about secondary characters I didn’t plan on writing a full length book about. I have plans for 2 more short books just like it.

Dallas & Kacie: Tiger Bite

Tiger Bite_600x900

That’s my year in a nutshell. Not bad for a newbie. My plans for this year include introducing a new series, Angels of the Underworld. I want to write book 3 and 4 of Tiger Nip books (there’s a book 5 that might not happen until 2015) and possibly write 2 more Freefall books. We’ll see how it all plays out. I have 12 folders full of notes for 12 different story/series ideas and you never know what I’ll come up with throughout the year. First up will be my next Freefall book featuring twins Revlin & Kegen Ferris. They are the brothers of Quin Ferris the hero of Caught in the Moment.

Happy New Year!!! I hope it brings you everything you hope it will.