One more week…

…and my co-worker at the Exchange will be back. Can you feel the excitement from here?

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy my day job. Its 3 days a week from 0700 – 1300. That leaves me plenty of time to write which I’m sure you all appreciate, especially since I’m working on the 3rd Tiger Nip book and am determined to get it done. I’m still hoping for an October release. Yes, I know that’s basically in two weeks and I have one week to finish and get it edited and formatted and watch as my hair goes completely white from stress.

Back to the excitement. My co-worker goes home to Brazil once a year so she takes about a month off. Completely understandable. You have to make the most of the visit when you’re traveling far. While she’s been gone, since 5 Sep, I’ve been working 5 days a week from 0700 – 1300. Doesn’t seem bad, right? Until you factor in that I’m old and haven’t worked out of the house since 2008. And that when I get home from work I’m sitting down to get words in. Scare words, that I think are a bit pissed off at me and refuse to cooperate. I’m getting there though.

So, that’s my Monday for you. I’m at work at the Exchange working the Damage Cage at the moment. I’ll get home around 1315 and grab some lunch then get my words in. I’ll rinse and repeat for the rest of the week and probably add in kid drama. Who doesn’t love that!

What’s your Monday and week going to be like?