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RELEASE DATE: October 13, 2015


He?s got a killer to catch and no time for love.?Fate has other plans.

Former Army Special Forces Officer Martin ?Del? Delano has enough on his hands chasing a serial killer and heading up TASK FORCE HAWAII. He definitely doesn?t need the distraction of Emma Mitchell. From the moment they meet, she knocks him off his feet, literally. Unfortunately, she?s the best person to have on the team to make the connections to help them catch their killer.

For Emma, it?s hard to ignore the lure of a man like him. Tats, muscles and his Harley cause her to have more than a few fantasies about Del. He?d never be interested in a geek like her, but she can?t resist toying with him. When she pushes the teasing too far, she ends up in his bed. She convinces herself she can handle it until the moment he steals her heart.

Del can?t help falling for the quirky genius. She?s smart, funny and there?s a sweet vulnerable side to her that only he can see. As Emma gets more involved with the investigation, she becomes the target of the psychopath. When the danger escalates, Del promises to do anything to save the woman who not only captured his heart but also his soul.

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Mel_AuthoFrom an early age, Melissa loved to read. First, it was the books her mother read to her including her two favorites, Winnie the Pooh and the Beatrix Potter books. She cut her preteen teeth on Trixie Belden and read and reviewed To Kill a Mockingbird in middle school. It wasn?t until she was in college that she tried to write her first stories, which were full of angst and pain, and really not that fun to read or write. After trying several different genres, she found romance in a Linda Howard book.

Since the publication of her first book in 2004, Melissa has had close to sixty romances published. She writes in genres from historical suspense to modern day erotic romance to futuristics and paranormals. Included in those releases is the bestselling Harmless series. In 2011, Melissa branched out into self-publishing with A Little Harmless Submission and the popular military spinoff, Infatuation: A Little Harmless Military Romance. Along the way she has garnered an epic nomination, a multitude of reviewer?s recommended reads, over five Capa nods from TRS, thirteen nominations for AAD Bookies, and made the USA Today bestseller list in 2013 with The Santinis.

Since she spent her childhood as a military brat, Melissa swore never to marry military. But, as we all know, Fate has her way with mortals. After twenty years as an AF spouse, she and husband, a long with their brats, both human and canine, are now happy they get to pick where they live. She lives in the middle of wine and horse country in Virginia and shops for million dollar homes in Hawaii.

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Howling Good Hop


It’s a Howling Good Hop

This is the perfect time for a hop! I had a new release on the 8th and finished up a wolf book releasing Jun 30th.

First up my newest release. Its the 5th book in the Mystic Zodiac series.

If you’re new to the series here’s a little a quick recap:

High atop Mount Olympus, the ancient Gods and Goddesses still reside, hidden from mortal view.
They have always been there.
WILL always be there.
They dabble in the lives of humans and lesser immortals, known as Mystics.
For fun. Out of boredom. Simply because they can.
They thrive on watching people squirm under their thumbs. Laugh and celebrate each other while plotting to top what they did.

This is where our story begins?

A bet between Eros, the God of love & desire, and Chloe (Chlotho), the Fate of birth, leads to a year filled with match-making and passion.

May_Faerie_400x600Celeste Kincaid is on a mission: Find the injured deer in the woods near her home and heal it. Once she does, she can get back to her real job; healing animals brought into her practice and teaching the next generation of faerie healers. She can also get back to dipping her toe in the dating scene. But from the onset of the task, she gets the feeling something isn?t right. When she finds the injured deer, which ends up being a sick fawn in the back yard of the sexiest Wood Elf she?s ever seen, she knows something is up.

Owen Foster is in love, well, at least lust at first sight. The blonde-haired goddess standing in his backyard is every man?s fantasy come true; until she opens her mouth and accuses him of being a crappy elf. He can overlook that misguided belief as he helps her care for the fawn, but when her youngest sister shows up and acts like they?re together, he?ll have to go to desperate measures to prove they aren?t.

A meddling mother dabbling with faerie magic, the worst storm they?ve ever seen, along with a bear and a fawn?will these two be able to turn their instant attraction into a love of a lifetime?


NOTE: Mystic Zodiac is a 12 book series. It is NOT a serial. Each book ends in a happily ever after for the main couple. However, the prologue and epilogue of each story follows the Gods that kick off the series, Eros and Chlotho (aka Chloe). At the end of the series the bet between the two will come to a conclusion.


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Brandy’s Giveaway:

What Mystic Zodiac are you?

Leave your answer in the comments to be entered to win!

Thane: January ~ Angel
Parvati: February ~ God/Goddess
Gideon: March ~ Shifter
Lisa: April ~ Nymph
Celeste: May ~ Fae
Willow: June ~ Witch/Warlock
Amber: July ~ Siren
Adrian: August ~ Dragon
Colby: September ~ Djinn
Lucas: October ~ Vampire
Mace: November ~ Spirit
Falcon: December ~ Demon

Prize: Choice of backlist book ebook or print
The only books not available in print at this time is Shifted Plans and?Celeste: May
Check out my Bookshelf to see what’s available
Winner will be picked from comments and listed on the blog. Winner is responsible for contacting me with 72 hours.

Want to hop along? Head over to The Snarkology to see who else is playing.

Make sure you enter to win the big Howling Good Hop prize!
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While I’m Away Giveaway

While I’m away at Authors After Dark I thought I would give everyone else who isn’t able to attend a chance at some of the goodies I’ll be taking there. I’ve ordered notebook and booklets. Very new items from me. I also have some books I made a huge mistake on by putting the blurb for the first book on the back of the second book. If you’re on my Facebook page then you know what I’m talking about.

I’m offering some great prizes.

6 Prize Packs which may include a Mystic Zodiac Booklet, Special Edition Fly Guy Next Door (print), Rack Card, Brandy Walker pen, and Tiger Nip Trading Card Pack.

I’m also offering up 4 of the new notebooks I ordered along with swag.
1 – Craving More
1 – Claiming More
1 – Caught in the Moment
1 – Fly Guy Next Door

That’s 10 winners!

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Julie’s Book Review – April Giveaway

I’m taking part in Julie’s Book Review April Giveaway. Everyday for the next 28 days there will be a special post from one of the participating authors. Up for grabs is a Kindle Fire, gift cards and books. I’ll be on the blog April 9, 10, 11 & 12. Make sure you pop in everyday and see what’s happening.

1 & 2: Nya Rawlyns
3 & 4: Rebecca Avery
5 & 6: Heidi Swift
7 & 8: Kristen Ethridge
9 & 10: Angela Blount
9, 10, 11 & 12: Brandy Walker
13 & 14: Dana Roquet
15 & 16: Dennis Timothy
17 & 18: Victoria Barbour
19 & 20: Monique McDonnell
21 & 22: Julie Ramsey
23 & 24: Theresa Margwrite Hewitt
25 & 26: Lousia Bacio
27 & 28: Karin Tabke??


Giveaway – Fool For Romance

As you might know I’m taking part of the Fool for Romance Contest. 20 Authors, 20 Individual Giveaways, 1 Grand Prize in the form of a $100 Amazon Gift Card.

For my individual giveaway I’m offering up a signed set of books (Craving More, Claiming More and Dallas & Kacie), a Tiger Nip trading card set, pen and bookmark.


All you need to do to enter for my prize is go to the Rafflecopter and do one or all of the options.

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Make sure you check out the other authors involved in the Fool For Romance Contest. You have plenty of time to enter. The contest runs through the month of March.