Mystic Monday: Looking Back at Thane

01_Jan_Angel_200x300Thane: January

Hero: Thane
Heroine: Amara Hope

Thane is a Fallen Angel, a Grigori, banished to the earthy realm for doing what Zeus himself does best. He doesn’t keep it in his pants. While this generally wouldn’t be a big deal, Thane manages to mess with one of Zeus’s women?without the God’s permission.

Amara Hope is more than meets the eye. She’s a good girl. A protector. The one who watches out for her brother even when he doesn’t want it. She’s also an Eternal, a woman with an immortal soul but not in body.

Writing the first book in the series was fun and pretty overwhelming at first. It would set the angeltone for the rest of the series. I had to answer things like…how will the Gods interact with the Mystics on the earthy realm? Would they be hands on or hands off? Did I want all of the couples to be in one city? Will all of the couples be Mystic falling for Mystic?

There was so much more that went into it and I think its still growing with each book. The world is getting bigger and, in my opinion, better.