New Release: The Cupcake Cowboy

My super good friend Lissa Matthews had a new release this past Friday. Did you check it out? Pick it up? NO! Why not. There’s a cowboy who’s damn good at making cupcakes. Think of all of the delicious sticky things you two could get into.


CupcakeCowboy200x300Dear Readers,?

My name is Jackson and I am The Cupcake Cowboy. I own and operate a cupcake truck in downtown San Antonio, Texas.?

Born and raised on a cattle ranch a few miles outside San Antonio, I can rope, tie, ride, drive, and wrangle with the best of ?em. It?s what my father does and what his father did before him. It?s what I was supposed to do too, only… I didn?t want it.?

One thing you should know up front, is that I?m more stubborn than a mule and when I get something in my head, I don?t let go until I get it done.?

You see, when I realized my little sister had a way off the ranch by way of making people happy with our grandma?s sticky buns, well, I figured I could learn a thing or two about food myself. I liked eating and I knew my way around cooking meals so, how hard could baking be??

I soon found out.?

I wasn?t cut out for sticky buns. In fact, I was a downright disaster at it. Sam suggested I go to culinary school, see what I might be good at. Turns out it was cakes and cupcakes.?
Culinary school is also where I met Cass. She taught a few of my pastry classes and honestly, I wouldn?t have cared what she taught so long as I got to be around her. I was head over heels the second she smiled. Her enthusiasm was a sight to behold and it drew me in like a moth to a flame.?

You?ll like her. Cass is a good woman, smart as a whip, knows what she?s talking about, and I didn?t want to listen. Remember? More stubborn than a mule… She deserves a second chance, in more ways than one.?

That?s where this book begins. So, take a load off and grab a cool drink. You?re gonna need it.?


The Cupcake Cowboy | ?Lone Star Sweets, Book 1
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