Fly Guy Next Door Cover

You might have seen the cover of FLY GUY floating around. If not here ya go. Don’t you just love it?! I do. She matches my idea of Marlowe perfectly. FLY GUY NEXT DOOR will be releasing soon. I’m hoping by April 1st at the latest so stay tuned!


Early Release: Caught in the Moment

With the holiday, company and a friend’s release I decided to get CAUGHT IN THE MOMENT up early. I’ve loaded it to Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Kobo. Amazon is live but I’m still waiting on the other two. Hopefully it’ll process quickly but since it is the first time I’ve loaded to them I …


Cover Reveal

With all of the changes to Freefall (turning that into the series name, renaming the book, changes made on the website) I decided I needed a different cover than what I previously had out there. While I liked it, it just wasn’t looking quite right. BLURB Laurel is over her embarrassing high school crush on …