Feelin’ it Friday with Melissa Schroeder

Title: Wild Love
Series: Juniper Springs, Book 1
Author: Melissa Schroeder

Expected Release: March 27, 2021

I?m not the kind of girl who expects happily ever after. In fact, I prefer my partners don?t get too clingy. Don?t get me wrong. I like a good night of loving, but beyond that, I?m happy to see them leave in the morning, without my phone number.

Then I met him. 

Quinn is a big bear of a man, with massive hands and amazing?staying power. Like all night long and the next morning kind of staying power. So when he asks me to spend the next day with him, I do. The only reason I give him my number is because he makes me laugh. And, okay, so I might have met up with him once or twice.

That doesn?t mean I need him. Because I am Everly FreakingSpencer, and I don?t need anyone (other than my bestie), and definitely not a man.


He shows up by chance at my store, which totally freaks me out. Finding out he?s my favorite author doesn?t help either.

And the surprise that?s dropped in our laps later that day?

Major. Freak. Out.

But, like I said, I don?t need anyone.


If I keep repeating that, I might just believe it.

Author warning: Get ready for a trip into the hippiest little town in Texas. There?s gossipy little old ladies (LOLs), an app that every teenager hates, trips to Denver and Cali, a woman who is convinced true love doesn?t exist, and a man who aims to prove her wrong by doing things to her that should embarrass the author. And she was. (Not really). Along the way, readers get to spend time with the gorgeous Hawthorne brothers and gay ducks. SERIOUSLY. GAY. DUCKS. Just get the book already because you know you want to know about them. Also, there?s a happily ever after fit for a woman with commitment issues and a man who just doesn?t know when to give up.