Mystic Zodiac: Eros & Chloe

Rolling out a new Monday feature called Mystic Monday. Now that’s we’re half-way through, we’ll be taking a look back at the series from the beginning.

I thought I’d start off with the two Gods who start off this adventure: Eros and Chloe.



Eros, the God of Love, is a handsome devil and he knows it. He likes to play around and the ladies of Olympus are more than willing to let him.

PantheonChloe aka Clotho is the Fate of birth. She and her two sisters, Lachesis (Lacy) and Atropos (Rose), have a high standing on Olympus. They are the creators of birth, length, and death. They are the ones who determine everyone’s fate being it God, Mystic, or human. The only one who may, or may not, fall under their purview is Zeus.

When Eros rejects Chloe is a lover she is incensed. One angry confrontation leads to the bet of a lifetime. A bet that will change the course of 24 peoples lives.

Eros and Chloe will be getting their story after the series is done. I couldn’t leave you guys hanging’ now could I?

Mystic Zodiac Series: