Cover Reveal

With all of the changes to Freefall (turning that into the series name, renaming the book, changes made on the website) I decided I needed a different cover than what I previously had out there. While I liked it, it just wasn’t looking quite right.

Laurel is over her embarrassing high school crush on Quinton Ferris and even used the heartbreaking experience to get out from behind the lens of her camera. Ten years after graduation she is enjoying her dream job as a freelance photographer when her path crosses Quin again, only this time he?s the one hoping to catch more than a glimpse of her. He?s hoping she?ll forgive what a jerk he was and fall for the guy he is.

CAUGHT IN THE MOMENT is a Novelette ? 16,400 words

Here is the new and improved Quin and Laurel (and they fit the vision in my head perfectly)!



Its the middle of June!?!?!?

How the heck did that happen? Oh…I know. I released a book and have been obsessed with numbers as well as working for my clients as Author Accomplice AND writing and editing on future books.

It really is a fun filled life. This dip into self-published has its ups and downs. Its amazing to see how many people have bought Craving More and I still can’t shake the feeling that the numbers are going to stop going up. (That might be a newbie thing)

So with the reality check that its the middle of the freaking month I guess i better get to editing CAUGHT IN THE MOMENT, Freefall Book 1.

I’d love to know what you thought of Craving More, good or bad. Whether you email me directly or just leave a review (It doesn’t need to be long. A couple of sentences really does suffice) I’d appreciate it.