KDP Select and Kindle Unlimited

I’ve had a decision to make recently with the new Kindle Unlimited and my books. Now don’t panic I won’t be taking the Tiger Nip series away from BN, ARe, or Kobo. I will, however, be pulling the Freefall series from all platforms except Amazon. Freefall just doesn’t sell well…anywhere. I love the series and …


Monday Memory

Do you remember when CAUGHT IN THE MOMENT first came out? It had a darker cover featuring a couple in an embrace. Does that job your memory? I loved the cover but felt it needed something to be slightly lighter. Which led to this…. Same couple. Lighter, brighter look with a guy in the corner. …


Happy New Year!

Today as we ring in the new year I thought I would take a look back at my first year of publishing. Wow! Just typing it is cool. I’m not one of those authors that says “I always wanted to write.” In high school I enjoyed writing. On vacations to my Nana’s I would hide …


Price Change

Happy Sunday everyone! I hope you have a relaxed day ahead of you. I think we will be going to Point Defiance Park today to hang out with the kiddos. Should be fun. I know the Zoo was when we went earlier this month. I’m sure you’re wondering about the blog title: Price Change After …


Early Release: Caught in the Moment

With the holiday, company and a friend’s release I decided to get CAUGHT IN THE MOMENT up early. I’ve loaded it to Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Kobo. Amazon is live but I’m still waiting on the other two. Hopefully it’ll process quickly but since it is the first time I’ve loaded to them I …