WIP Wednesday: Under Her Spell

WIP:?Under Her Spell

Romance the Wolf

SERIES:?Keystone Predators

Diego pulled Daphne closer to him, snuggling her ass against his groin. They were sitting on a heavily padded quilt he?d brought out for the bonfire. She was between his legs outstretched legs, her back pressed against his chest. The Alpha and Luna were next to them sitting in a similar position. All around them humans and wolves danced around, chasing after one another.


?Are you sure this isn?t some hippie commune?? Ryder asked looking over at them.


?I know, right,? Daphne chuckled, the soft vibration seeping into him.


Damn it felt fucking good to finally get her right where he needed her. No more chasing. No more looks of distrust?for the most part.