Pimpin’: Tilly Greene
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Pimpin’: Tilly Greene


A FEW WORDS FROM TILLY:??I spent 10 years living in England, specifically in the North, and was dying to bring some of what I?saw into one of my?books.? Caged starts in London and moves on to York with visits to places I?loves to go to with each visit back.? The bondage sweetens it all.

Caged by Tilly GreeneDesigning jewelry is Gabby?s passion. Her extreme work ethic keeps her working long hours until her body cries out for satisfaction. Succulent, the local BDSM club, is the perfect place to have sex and nothing else. There are no surprises when she allows her submissive soul out to play, until she answers one man?s call?and now she wants much more.

Strategy and control rule Max. As an environmental consultant he has the ear of government officials up to the Prime Minister and gets results. His passions, however, involve something more erotically inclined. As a silent partner in a private club, Max has benefits?a perk he?s grateful for when he first lays eyes on a busty beauty.
The club brings Gabby and Max together for sex, but what happens outside its walls is more intense, real and involves the heart.

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