Pimpin’: Barracuda’s Heart by Jayne Rylon
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Pimpin’: Barracuda’s Heart by Jayne Rylon

BarracudasHeart72lgPIMPIN‘: Barracuda’s Heart by JAYNE RYLON

SERIES: Hot Rods
BOOK: #6

BEFORE YOU DIVE IN: Check out the series from the beginning. The Hot Rods are sexy as hell and always up for a good time. I’d even suggest reading the Powertools first, where all of the fun started. Both stories are sure to have you squirming in your seat.

If the sexy construction crew were Powertools, their cousin mechanics are sure to be Hot Rods. Nothing?s sexier than seven men with hot rods.

Roman knows he?s been an asshole. But the toughest of all the Hot Rods has been through hell. Carver has always sensed when Roman?s on the verge of falling into the pit of his inner darkness, and pulled him back with his endless laughter.

The two guys have messed around with women plenty, but never anyone serious. Until the gang of mechanics started exploring the complex relationship that Roman realizes right away they?d been destined for. Part of him is pissed. He might get what he?s always secretly wanted?Carver, submitting to him in a kinky BDSM relationship?but it might not be exactly like he had fantasized about. Sharing isn?t his strong suit.

After months of struggling with their new reality, he finally breaks down and confesses to one of the visiting members of The Crew who helps him understand that everything is fair in love. Even playing for keeps.

Now all Roman has to do is convince Carver that he?s man enough to replace a whole host of lovers. And maybe be willing to make some compromises. Because after all, he enjoys watching and bonding with the rest of the Hot Rods too. Together they find their own way of loving and living within the group, which accepts them unconditionally. And always will, no matter how they decide their relationship works best.

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