New Release: Changing Her Tune
Release, Shifter U

New Release: Changing Her Tune




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Hooray for today!!!!!! Its release day for Shifter U book 2?Changing Her Tune. I’m so damn excited to have the next book out and to let you dive back into the world. I loved getting to know Tess and Austin and I hope you do too.

Right now is a great time to pick up the first book in the series. Shifted Plans is available for $0.99 for a limited time on?AMAZON!


Shifter U, Book 2
Decadent Publishing, ROAR Line

Men suck?

Tess Flanagan is determined to make it through her final year of college even if it kills her. After months of hurt and humiliation thanks to her ex-boyfriend, she?s finally shaking off her anger and pain. Her future holds promise?or it did until a new guy, the star receiver on the football team, mistakenly thinks her roommate is his mate when it?s actually her.

One tiny mistake?

Big man on campus, Austin Shaw looks forward to a promising career in the Pro-Shifter Football League. He has an awesome life?hot women, great friends, and a loving family. But when he scents his mate, his ?perfect game? gets thrown off.

More than meets the eye?

Austin soon finds out it?ll take more than a sexy grin and big personality to get Tess to talk to him. She?s nothing like the woman he knows, and there?s something going on just beneath the surface. Can ROAR help them discover the true path to happiness?


When his gaze met hers again, she frowned, looked him up and down, then rolled her eyes and went back to the clothes. He had the sinking feeling he didn?t measure up. The blatant disregard of her earlier smacked him on the head.

?Uh, sorry about that. You know, before.?

She waved her hand dismissively not bothering to look at him. ?Whatever,? she drawled. Slamming the door to the dryer she spun, keeping the clothesbasket between them. He noticed her gaze travel to where Ryan stood with her friend. The couple was locked together from lips to waist. The woman?s slim, toned legs wrapped tightly around Ryan.

?Looks like they?re getting along great. How about we grab a drink at Chugs and get to know one another??

She threw a baleful look his way. ?How about we don?t.?

?What?? He couldn?t have heard her correctly. She did know they were mates, right?

?Why bother? From your reaction when we came in, you aren?t the least bit interested in me.?

Well, fuck. Guess that answered the fan with a crush question. She certainly wasn?t. What the hell did he do now? He hadn?t had this much trouble with a girl in?well, ever. Crossing his arms across his chest he couldn?t stop the frown from forming on his face. Maybe he needed to state the obvious. ?Listen Red, I?m sure it hasn?t escaped your notice but just in case let me break it down for you. We?re mates.?

She had the audacity to snort. ?I don?t give a shit,? she stated calmly.

?Well, I do. We?re mates, fated to be together from now through eternity. I intend for that to happen.?

Clutching the laundry basket tighter, her knuckles turned white and the basket started to bow. ?Good for you,? she gritted out.

?No, good for you. You should be thrilled I?m your mate. Any other woman would be.?

Her jaw clenched, the muscle popping out a little. She turned her head slowly in his direction. Her nostrils flared as she breathed in shallow, measured breaths. When she finally looked at him, he could see the anger and hurt in her eyes. ?I?m going rogue. Find some other mindless woman to cater to you cause it sure as hell won?t be me.?

His mouth dropped open in surprise. Before he could form a response she stormed towards the entrance


All Romance eBooks?|?Amazon?|?Barnes & Noble?|?iTunes?|?Google Play?|?Kobo

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