Mystic Monday: Parvati Falls in Love
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Mystic Monday: Parvati Falls in Love

Feb_Goddess_200x300Parvati: February

Heroine: Parvati
Hero: Colin Patterson

Ahhh Parvati. She loves love but hasn’t had the best of luck in that arena. In fact, guys have started going out with her as a way to find?their one true love. She’s pretty sick of being the girl guys date in order to find another girl. Thank goodness she’s a lesser Goddess of love and has Eros on her side. He’s decided she deserves to finally find the man of her dreams.

The man of her dreams is also the man of her living nightmare. Computer geek Colin ends up with?a bad case of foot-in-mouth disease the first time he sees Parvati. Mistaking her for the company secretary, he promptly talks about the “boss” behind her back.

Needless to say, Parvati is not impressed with the man and he has a lot of ground to make up when he realizes his mistake.

While writing Parvati my love of Indian food kicked back in. It had been years since I’d had any.tikka masala In fact the last time I had Indian food was when we were stationed in England. This book was the perfect excuse to check out the local paces where I lived. I found a restaurant not too far from the house by the mane of Aroma, that does lunch buffet. One price, all I can eat Indian food, I was totally on board.

We sampled so many dishes and found a few new ones that I could eat over and over again. There was Naan bread, chicken tikka masala, soups, channa masala, basmati puloa, and our newest dessert obsession galub juman.

galub jamunGalub Juman is dry milk and cottage cheese balls deep fried and soaked in honey and rose water. I know, I know, it doesn’t sound like it should be good but it is fantastic. So sweet and tasty. If you get a chance to try them I definitely recommend them.


Parvati: February

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