Monday Memory
Cover Reveal

Monday Memory

Do you remember when CAUGHT IN THE MOMENT first came out? It had a darker cover featuring a couple in an embrace.


Does that job your memory? I loved the cover but felt it needed something to be slightly lighter. Which led to this….


Same couple. Lighter, brighter look with a guy in the corner.

Yet again I really liked the cover. (You would hope I would since I’m the one who made them.) Then it came time to figure out the cover of book 2, FLY GUY NEXT DOOR. I wasn’t feeling it when I tried to reflect skydiving in the cover somehow. Seriously how many times can you use a guy jumping out of an airplane. There are really cool images out there to use but eh…it still didn’t work. I found an image of a woman lounging on a bed. The gold tones were fantastic and I loved the entire layout of the image and knew right there it would be my cover. (I’ll show that cover to you next time.)

So I went back to CAUGHT and decided to redo it (hopefully for the last time, but you never know with me) and this is what is up now.


LOVE IT!!!!!!

What do you think?

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