It’s April already!

It’s April already!

I found myself sitting around today working on my story Freefall and started to wonder about my website and the Facebook page. The Facebook page hasn’t been published yet due to my not liking the website design and colors yet. I do believe I’ve found what I’m looking for (for the minute). The plan is to update the Facebook to match and get it published so I can start posting on it.

I want to keep personal Brandy away from author Brandy. It is something I’ve noticed with the authors I work with and others that I follow madly. It is best to start off on the right foot and not make people follow me around when I decide to change things up. Which I will admit will happen at some point.

I desperately want a WaxCreative website at some point in my life. I love their stuff and their staff is amazing.

Updates on the writing front. I have turned in Craving More, book 1 in the Tiger Nip series to my editor and she has already sent edits back. I will be working on those this week as well as getting the cover art done.

While Craving More was with the editor I decided to switch gears and work on a straight contemporary, Freefall. I’m about halfway through writing it now. I have a plot scratched out. No giant mystery or broken hearts. Just two people who went to high school together and meet up 10 years down the line.

That’s about it. I hope you’ll stay with me on this adventure.

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  1. Noel says:

    I will be following your personal and professional stories with anticipation.

  2. Proud of you! I want to read them!!

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