Guest: Tilly Greene

Guest: Tilly Greene

My name is Tilly Greene and I write erotic romances, mostly. Sometimes I go off road and the results are pure erotica. My erotica pieces are generally short and all about sex. They may love each other but if it?s there at all, the romance has a minimal role in my erotica stories. Often I?ve written a sex scene that I love but it doesn?t make it into the final story. I don?t want to throw it away, I love it, so I change things up, add to it, expand and BANG! Literally, there?s banging and done.

Pleasured in London by Tilly GreenePleasured in? is a series of such activity. Pleasured in New York City is a single scene between lovers who are involved in the bondage world. They try a new to them apparatus when she finally gets him to relax his concerns. Pleasured in London [coming in June 2014] takes place in a club set up for people to come and indulge their sexual proclivities over two nights. The story starts with two people, strangers who want what the other is offering, and ultimately ends with three and a promise for many more wickedly hot interludes.

Not that much of the towns are depicted in these stories, there?s no room for that, just hot sex ? hence the erotica label. So I hear you asking: what?s the difference between erotic romance and erotica? Loads! Too much to put in a single blog, but I can be brief. The first has a romance blooming and the latter doesn?t care about romance as long as there?s sex. Yes, simple, but it?s too the point.

I have other erotica pieces. Another erotica tale of mine is Special Delivery and I wrote this one based on the sex The Keepertoy a now dismantled blog was named after. This is a tale I absolutely adore and it has a UPS man as the hero. Who doesn?t love delivery day! Another is The Keeper. Years ago I found online a painting that inspired me and a particular day a heroine was having. It had started out nice and turned ugly until a stranger happened upon her. The title of this tale says it all. The hero is someone the heroine needs to keep in her life. Taste for Blood has been pulled down so I can expand upon the emotions circling this heroine. Look next year for a full on blood bath for her with the love of not one but two men, sweet!

In all my erotica stories sex is not ugly or foul or dirty act of wham, bam and they?re gone. Whether it?s erotic romance or erotica, I want what?s between them to be wonderful and fulfilling. The heart being involved is important to one and not the other, but I want the reader to care either way.

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Scorching romances full of twists, turns and ties.

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