Decadent ROAR – Sorority Wolf
Decadent Publishing, Shifter

Decadent ROAR – Sorority Wolf

New Release: Sorority Wolf
A Decadent ROAR

AUTHOR:?Rebecca Royce


RR_Roar_SororityWolf_300x450Kieran is a demon with a big problem.??The person whose body he has stolen won?t give up and fights him on every front. Not to mention he has to figure out how to blackmail the president of a werewolf sorority to appease his demon father. He has no time for lost werewolf Alexandra. But he can?t stop thinking about her.

Alexandra is a werewolf who needs a pack. She comes to college determined to get one.?But when her plans fall apart, she turns to Kieran for help?unaware of his true nature or exactly what he wants from her.

The two will play a dangerous game?and with so much at stake, can they see the love right in front of their eyes?

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