Throwback Thursday

Where oh where should we go today? Hmmm how about…..up in the mountains for some hot loving’. This is another story from the beginning of my romance reading obsession. Its one that stuck with me long after I was done reading.

Lacey Alexander


Suffering from writer?s block and with no lover to speak of, novelist Laura Watkins is in a funk. She needs a getaway and a release. Fast. Fortunately, she finds both in the retreat of a friend?s isolated Colorado home. It?s hers and hers alone for as long as she needs it. Then she comes upon the webcam, and her curiosity is aroused. So is her secret fantasy?to be watched by a stranger.

His screen name is Flyboy. He likes what he sees. He wants to open up for her, too. Now, they?re only one click away from exploring an after-hours game of exhibitionist and voyeur where anything goes. But now it?s time to take it one step further?by meeting in the flesh. This time, no rules, no limits, and absolutely nothing to come between them?

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Throwback Thursday

JANUS’ CONQUEST was the first book I bought off of EC. I’ll tell ya it was a daunting task looking for a book on there. You see, all of the romance I had read up to that point I borrowed from my friend Priscilla. She had a massive collection of books and I devoured as much of them as I could. I decided one day I wanted to see what else was out there and came across JANUS’ CONQUEST. I was smitten and had to have it. I never did go back and read the rest of the series. I might just have to do that now.

Dawn Ryder
Ellora’s Cave



Fay knew the large Hunter wanted her. It was a fact she tried to ignore even as she felt Janus’ eyes lingering on her, following her. But the rumors told her the story of a Hunter who enjoyed domination. Placing her faith in gossip might not be wise but it was far safer than letting her body become his plaything. She refused to submit to any man, and Janus would demand her submission ? and more.

Janus wasn’t willing to accept Fay’s rejection. Attraction wasn’t fair, but in his case it appeared in the form of a female who taunted his every effort to entice her, leaving only one way to gain what he craved, and that was to conquer her. It was an engagement Janus was looking forward to with relish.

Reader Advisory: Contains one scene of partner swapping.

Note: This story is set in the same world as Talon’s Trophy and Hawk’s Prey, however Janus’ Conquest can be read alone.

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Throwback Thurdsday

It’s time to add in Throwback Thursday to my bogging. I don’t have a huge backlist so until then (or when I decide to add mine into the mix) I’ll be highlighting friends and authors that I enjoy.

For my first Throwback Thursday I thought I would go SWEET CAROLINE by Lissa Matthews. This was the second book of Lissa’s that I read. It followed up ARRESTING HOLLI (which back then was Arrested Holiday). There was a lot to live up to and it did. SWEET CAROLINE, for me, was a different take on Lissa’s writing and I loved it. She can do sweet and funny and sexy then hot, dominant and delicious.

Lissa Matthews
Samhain Publishing

Sweet CarolineThe second time around is even sweeter?with cherries on top.

Blue Jeans and Hard Hats, Book 1

Buck doesn?t do personal projects. Until he runs into a woman wandering the aisles of the local home-improvement store, looking lost and confused. Just the way this fantasy looks at him nearly buckles his knees. In a hot second, the successful owner of a contracting company becomes a simple handyman, ready and willing to get as personal as the lady will allow.

Since her less-than-golden marriage to the local golden boy ended, Caroline?s declaration of independence includes her own business, road trips?and nipple piercings. Now it?s time to cut the last tie to her old life, but the house needs some work before she can unload it and move to her dream cabin in the mountains. Hard as it is to admit, she needs a little help.

Over the next few months, he shows her his toys, like hammers and drills, and she shows him hers?like floggers and paddles. And their attraction is the tinder that could send Caroline?s plans for an independent life up in flames?

Warning: In this book, there are sightings of glass dildos, leather belt bindings, nipple rings, wicked clamps, cherry cheesecake and a hot, yummy handyman-type guy who?s really good with his hands?

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