WIP Wednesday

WIP: Taking Chances

SERIES: Shifter U

Austin Shaw and Ryan Springer were the biggest losers known to man. Not when it came to losing weight or being losers with women. They did great when it came to hot chicks and getting laid these last couple of years. Football groupies were ripe for the picking after a game or practice.


They were losers of a damn bet that cost them their Friday night. It wasn?t even a bet Austin made. Fucking Ryan, not knowing when to stop.


Decadent ROAR – Sorority Wolf

New Release: Sorority Wolf A Decadent ROAR AUTHOR:?Rebecca Royce BLURB: Kieran is a demon with a big problem.??The person whose body he has stolen won?t give up and fights him on every front. Not to mention he has to figure out how to blackmail the president of a werewolf sorority to appease his demon father. …