Pimpin’: Melissa Schroeder

PIMPIN‘: A Santini Takes a Fall by MELISSA SCHROEDER

SERIES: The Santinis



Melissa was inspired to write a ballerina after watching Misty Copeland perform.

Tim McGraw?s Shotgun Rider was the love song for Lalani and Anthony. She even used it in a scene where Lalani is singing.

Anthony Santini is the oldest of six siblings and second oldest in the extended Santini family. Vicente (book 4) is the oldest.

His parents are Marcella and Tony Santini. Tony is the second oldest in the brothers.

Lalani Hawkins is an only child and a Marine brat. She is African American/Hawaiian.

Lalani dances to Take Me to Church in a performance in the book.

Main Soundtrack for the Book

Shotgun Rider – Tim McGraw
She?s My Kind of Rain ? Tim McGraw
One of Those Nights -Tim McGraw
Take Me to Church ? Hozier
She?s Music to Me – Ekolu
There?s No Place Like Home – Michael Giacchino
Perfect ? Darious Rucker
Thinking Out Loud ? Ed Sheeran
Beating Heart ? Ellie Goulding
The Woman I Love ? Jason Mraz
I?d Come for You ? Nickelback
Until I See You Again ? Wiz Khalifa



A man avoiding his destiny.

Anthony Santini?is happy with life. The former Marine is now working a dream job for NCIS in a dream location: Hawaii. He?s watched his cousins and now his siblings fall into the Santini Curse and that is not for him. Not yet. He?s happy to play the field and enjoy life. It still doesn?t stop his cousin?s wife from trying to fix him up.

A woman avoiding love.

Lalani Hawkins?has had enough heartache to last a lifetime. The professional dancer isn?t looking for love and she definitely doesn?t need a man like Santini in her life. After the worst blind date in history, she thinks she?ll never see him again.

For two people who want to avoid each other, Lalani and Anthony can?t seem to achieve that. Each time they meet, Lalani falls a little more under the Santini spell, and for Anthony, he is drawn to the vivacious dancer. But when Anthony senses her hesitation to commit, he starts to formulate a plan. Because when a Santini man decides he?s found his mate, there is no stopping him.



?Wanna come in for a drink??

He shook his head, never taking his gaze from hers.

?Why not??

?I told you the truth earlier, Lalani. You test my control, and neither of us are ready to make that next step yet.?

He leaned forward and cupped her face. Slowly, he kissed her. This was not the same over the top passionate kiss from the other day. He nibbled at her lips, teasing her bottom lip before fully pressing his mouth against hers. Still, he took his time, before she felt the glide of his tongue against the seam of her lips. She opened willingly, wanting nothing more that to taste him. He was just the same as she remembered. Desire lanced through her veins, her blood pounding a primitive beat in her veins.

Needing more contact, she stepped closer, pressing her body into his as she slipped her hands around his waist. He shuddered and lifted his other hand to cup her face completely. It wasn?t enough. She wanted to feel his flesh against hers, to taste every inch of him?but he stepped back. They were both breathing heavily.

?I told you we needed time.?

Lalani had never been good at being denied pleasure, and she lashed out.

?Is this some kind of control thing with you??

The moment she said it, she wished she hadn?t. She opened her mouth to apologize, but he stopped her by reaching up and rubbing his thumb against her lips.

?Not at all. I just want to make sure we both want it for the right reasons. And, as I told you, I don?t want some quick fuck. I want a long time with you in that bed, because I aim to take every second to enjoy.?


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From an early age,?Melissa loved to read. First, it was the books her mother read to her including her two favorites,?Winnie the Pooh?and the?Beatrix Potter?books. She cut her preteen teeth on?Trixie Belden?and read and reviewed?To Kill a Mockingbird?in middle school. It wasn?t until she was in college that she tried to write her first stories, which were full of angst and pain, and really not that fun to read or write. After trying several different genres, she found romance in a Linda Howard book.

Since the publication of her first book in 2004, Melissa has had close to sixty romances published. She writes in genres from historical suspense to modern day erotic romance to futuristics and paranormals. Included in those releases is the bestselling?Harmless series. In 2011, Melissa branched out into self-publishing with?A Little Harmless Submission?and the popular military spinoff,?Infatuation: A Little Harmless Military Romance. Along the way she has garnered an epic nomination, a multitude of reviewer?s recommended reads, over five Capa nods from TRS, thirteen nominations for AAD Bookies, and made the USA Today bestseller list in 2013 with The Santinis.

Since she spent her childhood as a military brat, Melissa swore never to marry military. But, as we all know, Fate has her way with mortals. After twenty years as an AF spouse, she and husband, a long with their brats, both human and canine, are now happy they get to pick where they live. She lives in the middle of wine and horse country in Virginia and shops for million dollar homes in Hawaii.



Pimpin’: Falling for a Santini by Melissa Schroeder

Santini_BK7_200x300PIMPIN‘:?Falling for a Santini?by MELISSA SCHROEDER

SERIES: Santinis
BOOK: #7

BEFORE YOU DIVE IN:?If you haven’t heard of the Santinis and read their smoking hotness then you need to run out and do that now! HOT, HOT, HOT!!!


A crush that turned into love.

Being the only girl in a family with five Santini brothers was never easy on Elena Santini. She always tried to be faster and smarter to make sure they always took her seriously. They were always trying to tell her what to do, and worse, who she could date. That?s why falling for her oldest brother?s best friend wasn?t smart especially when he treats her like a sister. That is, until she gets him alone in her apartment one night.

One night in Heaven.

NCIS agent Jethro Thomas, known to everyone as JT, has always played it smart. When his admiration turned to attraction a few years ago, he started avoiding Elena. A guy wasn?t supposed to have those kinds of thoughts about his best friend?s little sister. After returning from an undercover assignment, and about to go on another one, he can?t seem to resist the temptation. One night with her and he knows he?s lost, but he has a job to do.

A changed man.

JT returns from the assignment with a few more scars, both physical and emotional?but he survived for one reason. He?s ready to start a new life with Elena, but a dark cloud hangs over the new love. When small incidents evolve into near death accidents, JT realizes someone from his past is ready to destroy his happiness, even harm Elena to make him pay.


You don’t have to read them in order to understand but for maximum enjoyment you rally should.

Leonard, book 1 | Marco, book 2 | Gianni, book 3 | Vicente, book 4 | A Santini Christmas, book 5 | A Santini in Love, book 6


Pimpin’: Barracuda’s Heart by Jayne Rylon

BarracudasHeart72lgPIMPIN‘: Barracuda’s Heart by JAYNE RYLON

SERIES: Hot Rods
BOOK: #6

BEFORE YOU DIVE IN: Check out the series from the beginning. The Hot Rods are sexy as hell and always up for a good time. I’d even suggest reading the Powertools first, where all of the fun started. Both stories are sure to have you squirming in your seat.

If the sexy construction crew were Powertools, their cousin mechanics are sure to be Hot Rods. Nothing?s sexier than seven men with hot rods.

Roman knows he?s been an asshole. But the toughest of all the Hot Rods has been through hell. Carver has always sensed when Roman?s on the verge of falling into the pit of his inner darkness, and pulled him back with his endless laughter.

The two guys have messed around with women plenty, but never anyone serious. Until the gang of mechanics started exploring the complex relationship that Roman realizes right away they?d been destined for. Part of him is pissed. He might get what he?s always secretly wanted?Carver, submitting to him in a kinky BDSM relationship?but it might not be exactly like he had fantasized about. Sharing isn?t his strong suit.

After months of struggling with their new reality, he finally breaks down and confesses to one of the visiting members of The Crew who helps him understand that everything is fair in love. Even playing for keeps.

Now all Roman has to do is convince Carver that he?s man enough to replace a whole host of lovers. And maybe be willing to make some compromises. Because after all, he enjoys watching and bonding with the rest of the Hot Rods too. Together they find their own way of loving and living within the group, which accepts them unconditionally. And always will, no matter how they decide their relationship works best.

ARe | Amazon | Kobo | Nook |?Samhain



Kate’s Crew, Book 1 | Morgan’s Surprise, Book 2 | Kayla’s Gift, Book 3 | Devon’s Pair, Book 4 | Nailed to the Wall, Book 5 | Hammer it Home, Book 6

King Cobra, Book 1 | Mustang Sally, Book 2 | Super Nova, Book 3 | Rebel on the Run, Book 4 | Swinger Style, Book 5


Touch of Amber, Book 7 | Long Time Coming, Book 8


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Pimpin’: Burnin’ Up Memphis by Delilah Devlin

BurninUpMemphis_600PIMPIN‘:?Burnin’ Up Memphis?by DELILAH DEVLIN

SERIES: Firehouse 69
BOOK: #1


She?s the one fire he may not be able to control.

When a roof collapse kills his best friend and his girlfriend clears out his apartment and leaves, firefighter John Cooper knows he shouldn?t sit alone in his empty apartment. But when he accepts an invitation to Club LaForge, his feet get colder with every step he takes inside.

The sights, sounds and smells of the BDSM club make him sweat, and not because he?s turned off. Yet he can?t bring himself to admit?to himself, or to his luscious guide, Moira?that this lifestyle might just be what he needs.

An experienced BDSM trainer, Moira senses that Coop is not only a Dom in the making, but exactly what she?s been looking for. A man to be her lover and her Dom. The only problem is, Coop isn?t looking for anything complicated.

Moira?s willing to start slow and easy, but even once there?s enough trust to bring Coop into her world?and to her Dom?she?s still worried he?ll look for the nearest exit.

Warning: Do you smell smoke? Don?t worry, it?s just a hot and sexy firefighter getting down and dirty. Contains BDSM scenes, ropes, floggers, some spanking, some sharing, and some five-alarm sex.

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With her heels digging into the backs of his shoulders, Coop knew Moira was right fucking there. So was he. He grimaced as he slammed his hips forward, forcing her to withdraw her hands. With one hand cupping her rump to hold her the height he needed, and fingers still pumping into her ass, he was a little too busy to concentrate. Ambidextrous, he was not. It was hard to keep on task.

Calling her slut had made her expression soften, her lips poutier. The word had done something to him too. Made him powerful and then immediately remorseful, shamed for feeling that way. She wanted it, but he wasn?t comfortable giving it. His upbringing, which required that he always treat a woman like a lady even when she wasn?t behaving like one, might be a little too ingrained.

Still didn?t soften his dick one iota. Gazing down at her, he found he was searching her face for clues, looking for indications he was getting this right, giving her what she needed. Something he usually took for granted with his partners because what he brought always seemed to be enough.

With Moira, he wasn?t sure. For one thing, she wasn?t sinking her nails into him. Her hands were curled beside her head, her gaze clinging to his face, begging him silently. He wanted to ask her what she needed but sensed she didn?t want to direct him. He?d have to figure this out himself. Go with his gut.

Only once had his gut failed him.

He swallowed, halting his motions. He stared down at her and a drop of sweat trickled from his hairline down his cheek to his nose and then plopped on her cheek.

Moira angled her face and swiped the droplet as it veered toward her mouth.

Sexy as hell. He was driving into two of her three orifices, staring at the third. She was his. He could take her any way he wanted. And she was waiting?.to see whether he was worthy? Whether he?d figure her out?

He remembered the dude on the stage at La Forge. The one with the ridiculous saw-blade hair. He?d been in control, and while he?d paddled ?the woman, burned her skin, he?d never been too crude about it. Never made her an object. His tone had remained intimate, respectful, even when he?d called her slut.

He?d given her what she?d wanted?no, needed?and never taken a thing from her, except perhaps the pleasure of knowing he?d given Britney pleasure.

Coop wanted to be like that. Wanted to see Moira?s eyes flare with pleasure and respect. He wanted her to trust him. For her to know that if she fell through the roof, he?d catch her.

He bowed his head, dropping it to lie against her shoulder to hide his face, seeking privacy while he came to terms with his emotions.

Grief was still there at the fleeting, unwanted thought of that roof and the black cloud of smoke that had burned his eyes to tears. He hadn?t failed Danny. He knew it in his heart. Danny?s death had been out of his control. Lack of control was the crux of his problem.

The woman beginning to quiver beneath him was a gift he didn?t deserve, but one he wasn?t about to refuse. She was giving him the means to take back control, if only for the short time they?d come together. She was willing to let him take charge, take her wherever he wanted in any way he desired. She?d offer him only her unequivocal submission.

The thought was combustive to his libido, but also a sweet balm to his soul.

About Delilah Devlin

Delilah Devlin is a New York Times and USA TODAY bestselling author of erotica and erotic romance with a rapidly expanding reputation for writing deliciously edgy stories with complex characters. She has published over a hundred thirty erotic stories in multiple genres and lengths. She is published by Atria/Strebor, Avon, Berkley, Black Lace, Cleis Press, Ellora?s Cave, Grand Central, Harlequin Spice, HarperCollins: Mischief, Kensington, Montlake Romance, Running Press and Samhain Publishing. Find out more about Delilah at

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Pimpin’: Marissa Dobson

Operation-Family1PIMPIN?:?Operation Family by Marissa Dobson



Navy SEAL Lieutenant Commander Mac Garc?a spent twenty years in the military but had no plans to retire. He didn?t know what his life would be like without the SEALs, and through the years he saw the worst in the world. He?d be damned if he?d see another attack on American soil. Arriving home, he?s faced with a whole different obstacle?twin toddlers. As the only family left to these little girls, he has to figure out what the next step in his life will be and how he?ll manage raising two children.

A knock at Nicole Ryan?s door delivers the news of a friend?s death, and now she?s alone to care for the twins until their guardian arrives. As their nanny since they were born, she can?t picture being separated from them, let alone seeing them head to the other side of the United States. She?ll fight for the right to keep the girls, because she doesn?t know how else to deal with the loss of their father, and she can?t bear losing them too.

Can two people from different walks of life come together to build a strong family for the twins? Or will destiny make them lose everything they hold dear?

All Romance eBooks?|?Amazon?| Amazon Print?| Kobo?|??Smashwords

A sprawling white brick ranch surrounded by trees and fields met Mac as he pulled into the driveway. Large trees thick as his waist, lent privacy to the huge property. Off to the side, he could see a pool area. The place was stunning. What had Shawn done to afford it?

Now that he was gone, Mac realized he barely knew his nephew. They hadn?t spoken more than a few times a year, mostly at holidays, because there was so little left of their family. It had been almost a year since the last time they?d spoken. Mac had been deployed, and even though he?d meant to, he never got around to calling Shawn.

Now it was too late. Regret burned inside him, causing an ache to rise in his chest.

Even when they had spoken, it was quick, never more than a few minutes. No lengthy discussions about what Shawn did for a living. He knew his nephew had eloped with a local girl almost two years ago, but Mac had never met her. Over two years since his last visit. That bothered him, but there was nothing he could do to change it now.

He shoved the rental car into park in front of the house, checking one last time to make sure the address was correct before he stepped out. He glanced at the quiet house; no lights shone through the gloomy afternoon mist, leaving him to wonder if anyone was home. I should have called ahead. He?d taken it for granted that she?d be home with the twins.

All of a sudden, there was a grinding noise as a shotgun cocked from near the porch, sending him on guard. He stepped back next to the car, the bulk of it separating him from the front door, when a woman?s voice hollered at him. ?You?re trespassing. This is private property.?

?Ms. Ryan?? When there was no response, he continued. ?Ma?am, I?m Mac Garc?a, Shawn?s uncle.?

?The guardian?? Her voice broke.

?Yes, ma?am. I apologize for not calling first.? He watched her over the top of the car until she lowered the shotgun to the ground. Damn she was beautiful, even angry. ?It?s raining. May I come in??

?Not that I have any choice. You?ve inherited everything and you?re going to take them away from me.?