Mystic Monday: Looking Back at Thane

Thane: January Hero: Thane Heroine: Amara Hope Thane is a Fallen Angel, a Grigori, banished to the earthy realm for doing what Zeus himself does best. He doesn’t keep it in his pants. While this generally wouldn’t be a big deal, Thane manages to mess with one of Zeus’s women?without the God’s permission. Amara Hope …


WIP Wednesday: Adrian

WIP: Adrian: August


SERIES: Mystic Zodiac

Adrian Trent leaned against the wall of Cherry Ink and watched the Midnighters stroll their way down M Street. A few tumbled out of Birreria Paradiso, the pizzeria joint across from the shop, closing it down for the night, their loud bawdy laughter filling the air. Some dashed down the street to Clyde?s to continue the Friday night drinking with only an hour until closing. Out of the masses taking the midnight walk, two women stopped in front of the shop, they glanced at him quickly then giggled before going inside.


Mystic Zodiac: Eros & Chloe

Rolling out a new Monday feature called Mystic Monday. Now that’s we’re half-way through, we’ll be taking a look back at the series from the beginning. I thought I’d start off with the two Gods who start off this adventure: Eros and Chloe.   Eros, the God of Love, is a handsome devil and he …


New Release: Amber is here!

  Amber: July Mystic Zodiac, Book 7 She?s isn?t looking for happily ever after? Amber Thompson is a Siren. A love-em and leave-em, let?s have some fun for a little while kind of woman who isn?t looking for a long romance, let alone a happily ever after. It just isn?t part of a Siren?s DNA. …