WIP Wednesday

WIP: Falcon: December


?Falcon has agreed to spend a couple days with us before they have to leave.?


?Still looking out for my well-being, big sis??


?I always will.? She beamed a smile at Deval, who had taken a seat next to Falcon. Falcon glanced at the man then back to his sister. She was met with a steely-eyed look that told her Amara wasn?t saying it just for Deval?s benefit. She respected a woman who could stand up for her family in the face of a demon. They were truly a rare breed.


WIP Wednesday: A memory can be so sweet


Mace: November
Mystic Zodiac , Book 11

The memory of the last night they?d been together assaulted him. He could hear the crackling of the wood in the fireplace. Smell the smoky pine mixing with the sweet hints of cocoa and her soft floral scent. She slid onto his lap, straddling his thighs. Placed butterfly kisses all over his face. Nibbled his jaw and then down onto his neck.

Sucking in a harsh breath, he had to shake the memory before he made a fool of himself. His dick was filling and on its way to an embarrassing hardness. ?Sorry,? he mumbled and offered the panties to her.

Piper?s eyebrows rose above the upper rim of her glasses. Eyes blowing out wide. She snatched them and tossed to back to the ground to rejoin the other lacy treasures. She held up the purple bag, ?Thanks for this.? She backed out quickly, damn near bolting from the tent.


WIP Wednesday: A glimpse at Mace


Mace: November
Mystic Zodiac 11

She turned his way the closer he got. The sound of gravel crunching under his feet a dead giveaway to his approach. One of those soft smiles curved lips he wanted to devour. ?Will we be heading to the site now??

?Yep. Let me check in with Tobias one last time and grab an extra battery pack for the walkie.? Walking past her, he couldn?t resist touching her. He brushed his hand against hers. Grasping her hand?for a moment before he continued on. Her soft surprised inhale didn?t go unnoticed by him. In fact, the delicate sound had the hair on his arms standing on end as tingles drifted up them. Choosing to ignore the reaction, he entered the office.


Mystic Monday: Parvati Falls in Love

Parvati: February Heroine: Parvati Hero: Colin Patterson Ahhh Parvati. She loves love but hasn’t had the best of luck in that arena. In fact, guys have started going out with her as a way to find?their one true love. She’s pretty sick of being the girl guys date in order to find another girl. Thank …


WIP Wednesday: Adrian

WIP: Adrian:?August


SERIES:?Mystic Zodiac

Lucas chuckled. ?Don?t give me that look. And do go thinking I don?t know all about you, Adrian. I check out all of the people who apply to work here. Carol may have hired you but I know all about your other job. You?re a dragon; it?s to be expected. But try to keep your hands off the gems of young, hot girls.? Lucas gave him a knowing look.


Adrian worked to keep his face from flushing at being caught. Thank the Gods, or his parents, for his darker complexion. ?Yes, sir.?


?Good. Just don?t do it again. Carol was able to convince the girl she wasn?t wearing it when she came in. But then I expected nothing less from my progeny. Now tell me about this Chinese Dragon and why you need to find her. I may know a few people who can help if need be.?