Blog Challenge – Day 9 – Football & Cupcakes

In the Tiger Nip world, specifically the first book, I created a bakery for my lovely heroine. Corrine owns?Sweet Confections with her best friend, MJ (who happens to be Corrine’s brother’s mate). Now that the ladies are settled down with their men and a new shop was bought, (you’ll have to read the first book …


Blog Challenge – Day 5

Its Wednesday! Have you been surviving the week? Have you found any spare time to sit and read? Get lost in a book? I haven’t but that’s okay. My co-worker at the day job is back and I’m back to my M-W-F schedule. I’ve gotten caught up on a couple things that were desperate for …


Blog Challenge – Day 3

Monday…..yep, its here. Happens once a week, even though sometimes it seems like every day is a Monday. What should we talk about today? How about a Monday Memory? A trip back to the beginning of the Tiger Nip books and CRAVING MORE. Need a refresher? Corrine Hart is ready for few days off for …