Tiger Bite
Book 6

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Jessie Montgomery-Murphy is ready for more. Fun that is. Something along the lines of hot and intimate. The man she’s had a crush on for years and is staring at her at her brother’s wedding looks to be the perfect candidate. She wants a no-string attached, no plans for the future, good time, something Bodie fits to a T. She wants to take what she wants, when she wants and not have to worry he’ll want more. If she starts to feel the mating pull earlier than expected and its tugging her right to Bodie, then she’ll deal with that later.

Bodie Donalson likes to think of himself as the guy people can rely on. He gives his time to his friends when they need it and sometimes when they don’t. His always be there attitude has resulted in a bit of a no-plans, nomadic life. He’s fine with it. It’s difficult to put down roots when you’re still waiting for the pull of your mate. After an encounter with the sister of his good friend, he’s got a good idea who his mate is. But she’s young and driven and not nearly ready for the kind of commitment he wants. He’ll take what she gives him, no matter how much his inner animal wants more.


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