Tiger Bite
Book 1


Craving More (Tiger Nip, #1)

Corrine Hart is ready for few days off for rest and relaxation. At the top of her to-do list is spending as much time as possible in tiger form and doing her best to banish all thoughts of the mysterious Hunky Cupcake Guy who spent the last two weeks driving her libido insane.

Jett Montgomery-Murphy just wants to know if the tasty treats that keep showing up at work are the same ones his best friend used to get while they were in college. A trip out to Sweet Confections confirms what he thought and brings him in close contact with the one woman he’s secretly lusted after for years, his best friend’s sister Corrine.

A late-night tryst leads to two tigers finding their mates and two humans unsure what to do next. Add in an overbearing brother, a best friend with her own drama, and a crazy ex-girlfriend that has a checkered past and you have a recipe for disaster.

Will Corrine and Jett be able to overcome the unexpected obstacles on their way to falling in love? Or will they throw in the towel before the relationship even gets off the ground?


Corrine Hart ambled up the slope behind her sprawling two-story home. The rush of endorphins from the evening run settled in her system, sending pinpricks of sensation along her skin, the hairs lifting on the back of her neck. It was a feeling she would never tire of. The only thing that would have made it better was if her best friend in the entire world had been running next to her, hanging out like they usually did on a quiet Friday night. De-stressing from their hectic workweek before starting it all over again.

Sadly, her friend had been summoned home, and one thing MJ and Corrine never did was disobey their parents. Family was number one in both their lives.

In all honesty, it was probably best MJ wouldn’t be around the next couple of days. Corrine’s twin brother, Sampson, called earlier in the day and announced he would be there in the morning. Corrine wasn’t in the mood to deal with the chemistry that always vibrated between the two of them. Not that MJ or Sam would ever admit to the attraction, and it didn’t help that her friend couldn’t say a single nice thing to Sam, or that he either acted oblivious to her presence or teased her unmercifully. It was always one extreme or the other. Never a happy medium.

Yeah, it was better this way. She was all for less stress right now. In an unprecedented move, she decided to shut the bakery down for the long weekend and take some much-needed time for herself.

Letting out a snort, Corrine plopped down in the grass and stretched her limbs before settling into the soothing task of grooming her front right paw. With each swipe of her tongue; her best friend, brother, the bakery, and every other nagging thought and task drifted from her mind.

Minutes passed by in complete silence, the repetitive motion calming her frazzled nerves. Eventually, there was nothing left to groom and Corrine was finally able to enjoy the scenery. Off to the right, she could just make out the fuzzy shape of her neighbor’s home in the distance. Close enough if there was trouble, still far enough away as to not disturb him. A look to the left, and the wooded area came to life as a warm breeze wound its way through the trees; limbs swaying and beckoning her to come play.

This was why she moved to Cascade, Colorado. The peace and quiet of the woods mixed with a homey midtown feel. Open spaces mingling with shops galore. What every female shifter could ask for.

Corrine rolled onto her side, resting her head on the cool grass. Eyes closed, muscles relaxed she was almost asleep when the image of a man flashed into her head.

Short brown hair she ached to run her fingers through. Golden flecked nut-brown eyes that melted her insides when they locked onto her. Plus there was his sexy as sin smile that crooked up on one side, drawing attention to his full lower lip.

A purr rolled from her throat as she imagined him skimming his lips over her body. Stopping at her aching breasts for excruciating seconds before gliding lower.

At over six feet tall, the mystery man was built like a hard-edged linebacker: broad shoulders, thick muscular arms and legs, and she’d bet the bakery he had abs of steel. It would take her days to kiss and explore every inch of his sun-kissed skin. Days she would happily give up to do just that.

She was dying to find out if he tasted as good as he smelled. Even now, when she took a deep breath, she could swear she smelled his rich, spicy musk. It had to be from her run-in with him earlier in the day and the lingering memories dancing through her head.

He visited the bakery in the flesh during the day and invaded her dreams at night. She was never able to get him out of her thoughts. Not that she tried very hard. She was more than happy to let him worship her body, if only in her imagination.

He was the kind of guy she fantasized about meeting and falling in love with. Too bad any time he was near, her knees went weak and her tongue refused to work. Not to mention the most she got out of him was a wink and a smile. For two weeks she had been a frustrated bundle of nerves on the verge of snapping. No amount of masturbation would make the ache for him go away, and damn it all, she tried her best to make that happen. She probably needed to replace the batteries in her favorite vibrator, again.

To make matters worse, her Tiger sat up and took notice, begging to be let out of its human cage the first day he walked into the bakery. The Tiger bumped at her conscience, urging the human to shift. It took everything Corrine had in her to hold the randy girl back. The reaction was something she didn’t get often, figuring out later when the sexual fog cleared and her brain kicked into gear that it could only mean one thing, her Tiger recognized a possible mate and she wanted to play.


WHAT’S NEXT… Claiming More