HEROINE:?Celeste Kincaid
HERO:?Owen Foster

QUOTE:?Taking care of animals is my top priority. So what if he’s the sexiest damn Wood Elf I’ve ever seen. I can keep it together long enough to finish what I set out to do. ~ Celeste

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Celeste: May (Mystic Zodiac, #5)

A bet between Eros, the God of love & desire, and Chloe (Chlotho), the Fate of birth, leads to a year filled with match-making and passion.


Celeste Kincaid is on a mission: Find the injured deer in the woods near her home and heal it. Once she does, she can get back to her real?job; healing animals brought into her practice and teaching the next generation of faerie healers. She can also get back to dipping her toe in the dating scene. But from the onset of the task, she gets the feeling something isn’t right. When she finds the injured deer, which ends up being a sick fawn in the back yard?of the sexiest Wood Elf she?s ever seen, she knows something is up.

Owen Foster is in love, well, at least lust at first sight. The blonde-haired goddess standing in his backyard is every man’s fantasy come true; until she opens her mouth and?accuses him of being a crappy?elf. He can overlook that misguided belief as he helps her care for the fawn, but when her youngest sister shows up and acts like they’re together, he’ll have to go to desperate measures to prove they aren’t.

A meddling mother dabbling with faerie magic, the worst storm they’ve ever seen, along with a bear and a fawn?will these two be able to turn their instant attraction into a love of a lifetime?


NOTE: Mystic Zodiac is a 12 book series. It is NOT a serial. Each book ends in a happily ever after for the main couple. However, the prologue and epilogue of each story follows the Gods that kick off the series, Eros and Chlotho (aka Chloe). At the end of the series the bet between the two will come to a conclusion.



Eros pounded on the door to Chloe?s home impatiently. He would not idly wait for her to show up at the Parthenon. News of her spending time with the Great Watcher, Gabriel spread like wildfire through Olympus; and truth be told, he was jealous. He would never breathe a word of it to her, but deep in his soul, he seethed.

He was certain the bet would kill him. How foolish he had been to think he could hold out for an entire year. He?d assumed he would be able to find pleasure with his dalliances, not turned off by the prospect of someone other than Chloe touching him.

Unexpectedly, the door burst open. He stepped back half a step before he caught himself. Chloe stood in front of him; hair flowing around her shoulders, looking freshly tumbled from bed.

All thoughts of reining in his jealousy evaporated when he caught sight of her flushed cheeks and bleary eyes. His hands moved of their own accord, grabbing her upper arms and pulling her body flush against him. He crushed his lips against hers, sweeping his tongue along the seam. She gasped. He plunged. Taking her sinful taste into his mouth. Swallowing her down like the ripest nectar in all the lands.

When he had his fill, asserted his dominance, he released her; but didn?t let her get too far. ?You drive me insane,? he growled, his nostrils flaring, chest heaving.

Chloe?s hand drifted to her lips. Surprise gleamed from her luminous brown eyes. She blinked rapidly, and he watched her emerge from the fog of lust?driving straight into outrage.

?How dare you,? she hissed.

?Oh, my sweet, I dare much.? He pushed inside the house not bothering to wait for her invitation. Hands wrapped around her arms, he steered her backwards and against a wall. Her back made contact with the soft surface of a tapestry, as he pressed his body into hers. ?I told you, during this bet, you are mine and mine alone. You do not find someone to fill your time. To bend to your will.?

?And I have not!?

Eros shook his head slowly. ?That is not what is being said; and I warn you, I will not be made a fool. For if I am, your punishment will not be as pleasurable as you?d wish.?

Chloe sucked in a breath, pushing her breasts out and further on display.

Eros?s gaze dropped, his hand moved. He slid it over one of her breasts and squeezed lightly. The nipple pebbled beneath his palm instantly. Adjusting his hand, he pinched and pulled the beaded nub, pulling a moan from between her lush lips.

?This, my sweet, is what you want. The touch of a lover bringing pleasure and pain. My fingers playing your body to elicit the reaction I want.?

Chloe?s mouth dropped open, and her eyes glazed over. The jealousy eating away at him subsided for the moment. With one simple touch, she was his. With one simple touch, he knew he could have her.

He kissed her briefly before pulling back. ?Are you ready for more?? He said, letting the husky edge of arousal fill his voice.

?Yes,? she moaned and writhed against him.

Eros dropped his hands away from her and took a step back. ?Your next task is a faerie and a wood elf. Celeste Kincaid and Owen Foster. They have no chance of ever meeting.?

Before he could do anything stupid, Eros turned on his heel and left.

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