HEROINE:?Amber Thompson
HERO:?Andreas Stathos

QUOTE:?Luring a man in for a little bit of fun…hell yeah. Keep him around for longer than a week…no thanks. ~ Amber

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Amber: July (Mystic Zodiac, #7)

A bet between Eros, the God of love & desire, and Chloe (Chlotho), the Fate of birth, leads to a year filled with match-making and passion.


She’s isn’t looking for happily ever after…

Amber Thompson is a Siren. A love-em and leave-em, let’s have some fun for a little while kind of woman who isn’t looking for a long romance, let alone a happily ever after. It just isn’t part of a Siren’s DNA. She loves her life in the small town of Summerset and loves working at the Mystics Only bar, Ecstasis D. Taking home a sexy as sin wolf for a night of fun shouldn’t change that.

He didn’t know he was looking for a change…

Andreas Stathos is a bored, business suit wearing, drowning in paperwork, wolf-shifter. His company, A Shift in Style, is doing great and he couldn’t be happier, except the spark he used to feel is missing and has turned into obligation. It doesn’t help matters that he can’t remember the last time he had a date or took the time to go wolf. At a friend’s urging, he gets out of town for the long weekend hoping to get in touch with his wolf and with a little luck, find a woman to heat up his nights.

Maybe together they’ll find something more.

As soon as he steps into the bar, Amber and Andreas both know their lives will be changed. But how much depends on one stubborn Siren and one wolf’s ability to convince her they have a future together.


NOTE: Mystic Zodiac is a 12 book series. It is NOT a serial. Each book ends in a happily ever after for the main couple. However, the prologue and epilogue of each story follows the Gods that kick off the series, Eros and Chlotho (aka Chloe). At the end of the series the bet between the two will come to a conclusion.


July 3rd – Friday

Andreas Stathos pushed away from his desk, stretching his long legs out in front of him. Head tipped back, hands threaded over his stomach; he took a breather from the pile of paper in front of him. When did the excitement of running a company wear off and turn into mundane paperwork dull enough the kill every last brain cell he had? When did he start dreading coming into the office each and every morning?

Restlessness bit into his bones the longer he sat there. It wasn?t the company or the paperwork that lost the excitement; he was the problem. He wasn?t satisfied with what he was doing, cooped up in an office all day shuffling papers. He wanted to be around people, the men and women making his dream a reality, the hustle and bustle of life?get back into the thick of things, like during the inception of his dream.

But how did he do that? It wasn?t like he could walk into one of his stores and take over. Well?technically he could. He was the owner. The head honcho. The man with the creative vision and the money to make it happen. Not to mention, the skill, but it had been ages since he?d designed anything. Not even something as simple as a tie.

Pushing up from his chair, he paced to his office window. He looked out over the city beyond his tenth story view and saw nothing but suits and more suits. Don?t get him wrong, suits were his bread and butter; but damn, there were a lot of them out there. Buildings were lit up, filled with worker bees scuttling around trying to finish the day?s work so they could go home and drink the weekend away. Forget about the work sitting on their desks, or the demands from their bosses.

Cars and taxis honked, jockeying for position on the crowded streets. Each trying to edge closer to wherever they were going. It was an organized chaos and, any other day, he would revel in its beauty. But some unknown entity twisted in the pit of his stomach making him uncomfortable?fidgety. His gut tried to tell him something, but he didn?t know what.

It could be he needed to get out of the city for a while. Find a place he could go where no one knew his name and the wealth behind it. Someplace that didn?t care if he wore a five thousand dollar suit or a ten dollar one from the thrift store. Hell, a place where he could wear ratty old designer jeans and a comfortable, soft to the touch T-shirt would be welcome.

A knock at his door had him turning around. Without waiting for an answer, his best friend and Chief Financial Officer, Theo, ambled in with Andreas?s secretary scurrying after him.

?Sir, he refused to wait, as usual,? Emily, his secretary, rushed to say. No matter how many times he told her it was fine if Theo came and went as he pleased, the woman insisted on adhering to protocol.

?It?s fine, Emily. Why don?t you wrap up for the night? It?s almost four, and I know you?d like to get home to your husband and kids. You have that big family reunion planned for the Fourth, right??

?Yes, sir. We planned on heading out once I got home.? She hesitated, and he knew something was on her mind. Something was always on her mind, and that was what made her a fantastic secretary. Her mouth pinched, eyes narrowed. ?Are you sure you don?t need me to stay longer? It isn?t a problem. Brian and I didn?t figure we would get on the road until around six or seven.?

Andreas smiled brightly to ease her worries, knowing she wasn?t immune to a wolf?s charm. ?Now, you can beat some of the traffic. Please, Emily. Pack up and leave. There isn?t anything pressing that needs to go out this afternoon. Trust me, the paperwork will still be there after the holiday weekend.?

Emily pushed her glasses up her nose and smiled back at him. Gratitude shone in her dark intelligent eyes. ?Thank you, sir. The kids will love having a couple more hours with their cousins. Hopefully, that will burn off the energy stored up after a couple of hours in the car.?

?Tell Brian I said hello, and I?ll see you bright and early Tuesday morning.?

She nodded sharply. ?You know where to find me if you need me,? Emily replied before turning to leave the room. She shot an irritated glance at Theo before marching out.

?You will forever be on her shit list,? Andreas said once Theo closed the door.

Theo rolled his eyes and slumped down into the chair in front of the desk. ?She?s definitely a tough nut to crack.?

?Maybe you shouldn?t keep ignoring her mandates then.? Andreas took a seat on the leather couch pushed up against the wall. He?d been known to burn the midnight oil a bit too much and end up sleeping on the thing. It was also the reason he had a built-in closet in his office and the full en suite bathroom.

Theo shrugged and tapped his knee with a rolled-up paper Andreas had failed to notice before. ?I like giving her a hard time. She?s a good kid and gets riled up so easy. The wolf in me gets a kick out of it. It?s like watching prey attempt to fight back.?

?You?re too easily entertained. Just don?t run her off.? He looked at Theo thoughtfully. ?Maybe you should bring something for her to apologize for your atrocious behavior one of these days.?

Theo shrugged and tapped the paper on his knee again. ?I?ll think about it.?

Andreas?s gaze fell to the object his friend blatantly tried to draw his attention to. ?What?s that??

A mischievous grin lit Theo?s face. ?I wondered if you were going to notice.?

?How could I not? It?s apparent you want me to ask about it. So give. What do you have there??

Theo flicked it to Andreas. Unrolling it, he skimmed over the paper. It was a flyer for a Mystics-only bar on the outer edge of the city, one he?d never heard of.

?I know you?re bored out of your mind here. You?re antsy as fuck and driving the staff insane. It isn?t good to be cooped up in the city as much as you are. When was the last time you went on the hunt in the woods? Shook your fur out and roamed the green forest? Felt loam and dirt and the earth under your paws??

Andreas grunted a reply. It had been too long. He actually couldn?t remember the last time he?d headed out into the woods. It could be why he was feeling restless lately. The absence of going fur would drive any man crazy if he let it.

?This doesn?t look anything like a forest or woods.?

?I know. It?s a bar.?

Andreas shot him a bland look. ?I know that. I can read.?

?Then you can read what it says about being a place of gathering for Mystics?one and all. Sing, drink, and dance the night away with the Sirens of Ectasis D. Revel in the freedom to be who you really are.? Theo swung his arms out wide, and had an idiotic grin on his face.

?You want to go to a bar on a holiday weekend? Where does the going wolf come in? Am I supposed to shift in the middle of some rowdy place after a few drinks??

?Yes, I want to go to a bar. No, I don?t expect you to shift right there. Do you think I?m a complete idiot??

Andreas opened his mouth to answer but was cut off by Theo throwing his hand up.

?I have a cabin nearby so we can get drunk as skunks, those little sots. Then, when the buzz of alcohol wears off, you can get back in touch with the furry beast inside. What do you say??

Andreas looked back down at the flyer, his eyes roving every inch. There were pictures of the interior. The crowded tables. The full dance floor. The bar with beautiful women manning it. His gaze snagged on one woman in particular, a fiery redhead wearing a snug tank top. She was laughing in the picture, her eyes lit up like a thousand flames. The wolf in him perked up, the image of the woman snagging his attention as well.

If she still worked there, then he needed to meet her. ?Yeah,? he said, a grin beginning to curl the corner of his mouth. ?This is exactly what I need.?

Theo jumped from his chair. ?Hot damn!? He clapped his hands together in glee. ?I have your bag packed and in the truck. Your housekeeper was an absolute doll helping grab your shit. Change out of that stuffy suit and let?s hit the road.?

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