Eight tales with supernatural lust, love, and happily ever after from some of today’s bestselling authors.

Brandy Walker ? Craving More?(Tiger Nip)
A late night tryst finds two tigers discovering their mates and two humans stunned. Add a brother, a best friend, a crazy ex-girlfriend, and you have a recipe for disaster.


Sharon?Hamilton?? Heavenly Lover
Claire, an unconventional Guardian angel, sent to save a sexy Brazilian-born painter from killing himself discovers a powerful dark angel has preyed upon Daniel. She is in danger of losing her own when attraction to her handsome charge blooms into a forbidden love.

Melissa?Schroeder?? Callum (The Cursed Clan)
His duty to the Clan was all that mattered until he fell for the one woman who could expose their secret.

Buffy Christopher ? The Mating Moon
Ivy Landry fights a mystery attacker and tries to find a mate before the full moon. Can she find him and fight for her life at the same time?

Crystal-Rain Love ? Moonlit Dream
Ming’s true love is brought to her with a little magical help, but before they can reach their happily ever after, they must outrun the bloodthirsty wolf pack on their heels.

Christie Gray ? Forever, My Love
With a visit from her dead husband, Eric, Darcy Abrams is sure she?s losing her mind. Or will Eric?s promise of forever turn her entire world inside out instead?

Heather Long ? Marshal of Hel Dorado (Fevered Hearts)
Sam Kane is the oldest brother, the steadfast son and the confident marshal. He’s never met a problem too hot to handle until he caught Scarlett robbing the town?s bank.

Saranna DeWylde ? How to Lose a Familiar in 10 Days
Hemlock Butterbean’s familiar from hell isn’t really a cat at all, but a warlock under a curse. When her fantasies make him flesh, she finds out just how familiar he can be.