Blog Challenge – Day 25 – Advice for Writers by Tilly Greene

Blog Challenge – Day 25 – Advice for Writers by Tilly Greene


The first advice a writer is usually given is write what you know. Knowing it takes some of the research out of it and also ensures the writer is more comfortable, allowing the words to flow more comfortably. Good advice and I did it without realizing I was following this old adage.

This June I sat down at my computer noting which books I needed to put into print for a convention. I thought I had got them all and went away on a break. The break turned into a day, and when I came back to the computer I saw something I hadn?t expected. There were three books, one more that needed work before I put it back out, that had something in common: they took place in or around my home town. On closer inspection, three of the books had another connection and that was they all had an element of BDSM attached!

her-wicked-ride-by-tilly-greene finding-home-by-tilly-greene bound-in-paradise-by-tilly-greene

It definitely wasn?t intentional because they were written as standalones over eight years with different scenarios. However, Finding Home (2007), Bound in Paradise (2011) and Her Wicked Ride (2015) had location in common and that they were contemporaries. On a whim I decided to possibly put them together as a collection, but first I had to like the cover. I asked a woman I often use for covers to ?whip up a quick one for me?, and I was shocked again. Out of all the pictures I had given her, she chose one from my hometown!

img_2160 img_1488 img_0505

I kid you not!


See for yourself ? Love Under the Sun Collection, that?s the collection of three standalone stories that have two things in common ? proximity to my home town and BDSM, who knew!

So, I?ll say it: write what you know, but my guess is you may just do it on your own!

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