Blog Challenge – Day 18 – Finding time

Blog Challenge – Day 18 – Finding time

Finding time to write isn’t that hard right again. Everyday after work M-W-F once I get home and have lunch I have a couple hours to myself. Then there is Tuesday and Thursday. My off days. The problem comes with getting my mind right and getting the words going. The sitting down and just working. There is a ton of advice and opinions about writing out there. Things like write when the muse talks or?write everyday even if you only get 50 words in.

For me, I haven’t decided what works best. Logically I know I need to write everyday. I sit down. I open up the file. Scroll to the spot I’m working in and sometimes I get nothing. There is a lot of sitting and thinking and just nothing comes to mind. Other days I go through the steps and can force a couple words out which will turn into a word-fest. ?I’m still a relatively new author. I’ve been published 3 years. Not a ton of time like some people but enough time to start refining how I work. I’m getting there and there is a lot of “after I’m done with this” thinking. Last year I attempted to plot out the next year. Didn’t quite work out. I might try it again. We’ll see.

So finding time, I’ve got it. Its more of a matter of finding the words to fill the time. ~ Brandy

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