Blog Challenge – Day 11 – Tell me….

Blog Challenge – Day 11 – Tell me….

ballers…what are the shows you’re watching? The hubby started up Ray Donovan the other day. We’re a season in. Its fairlyray-donovan interesting. I can’t stand the wife half the time. The grandfather is a terrible person and I don’t?understand why everyone is giving him so many chances. But then I guess it wouldn’t be intriguing if they had characters that were all sunshine and roses all of the time.

Others shows we’ve been watching and are caught up on are Power and Ballers. Power, night clubs and drugs basically, we started watching because Big T (my hubby if you didn’t know) listens to His & Hers (I listen to every once in a while). Mike and Jemele talked the show up and he couldn’t help but check it out. It is definitely NOT something to watch with children around. Ballers has Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson in it and is based around sports. I can get behind that. I enjoy my NFL and a lot of big name players made cameos on it.

None of the shows inspire me to write anything like that. Mobsters. Club Owners dealing drugs. Corrupt District Attorneys. Sport Agents. It just isn’t my thing. Good to watch and decompress but not write. Now, shows on ID are a different story that I’ll leave for a different time. ~Brandy


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  1. Noel says:

    “Conviction” is pretty good. And, of course, “Lucifer”. Last night, I watched “Frequency”….a little confusing at first, but interesting.

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