A Writer’s Journey – Part VI

A Writer’s Journey – Part VI

Sixth Year – 2018

Nothing happened. There were no words. No books. No direction. I basically killed my writing career. There was no pulling me from the burnt out funk of the Mystic Zodiac year. The killer, though, is that those books have never done particularly well. It breaks my heart as a writer to see something I’m poured my soul into, flop. I can’t help but think I should have stuck with my tiger books.

Seventh Year – 2019

My seventh year in the publishing industry and there was still nothing new coming out. Kindle Worlds shut down and I got the rights back to the book I published in 2015, Lion for Her. It was edited and worked into the Tiger Bite World. New material was added and all parts of Eliza Gayle’s Southern Shifters was taken out. It took a bit to get reworked, but Van & Maddie released in October 2019.

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