A Writer’s Journey – Part IV

A Writer’s Journey – Part IV

Third Year – 2015

If you’ve followed my career up to present day, you’ll know this is when I got the brilliant idea (ha!) to write and release a book a month.

Welcome to the year of Mystic Zodiac! And the year I tried to do a lot.

Once we got settled in Virginia the previous year, I couldn’t get back into Finding More. I don’t know what it was about that book, but I wasn’t able to find the voice for it.

What I decided to do instead, was start another series (I had 2 at this point and neither were finished). I plotted out the mystics for each month and I think I even made the covers for them before I started writing.

I was able to get 2 or 3 ready before the start of the year. I hoped to keep ahead so I could stick to my promise of a book a month, in the actual month it was slated for release. I did okay for a while and then got off track. Amber‘s book released at the beginning of July and the next book, Adrian, didn’t come out until late August.

At some point in the year, I was invited to and decided to write in Eliza Gayle’s Southern Shifters Kindle World. I cranked out Lion for Her, which was set in Eliza’s world. I wouldn’t say it was a throwaway story, but it was something I never expected to get the rights back to. That was how that program worked and I was just happy to be able to take part. When Kindle Worlds shut their doors, it took me by surprise. Lion for Her wouldn’t resurface until 2019 with a new title and added material.

I also wrote my second book for the Decadent Publishing ROAR line, Changing Her Tune. I put the books together to form their own series for when I got the rights back, which in theory wouldn’t be for 5 or was it 7 years. (FYI, I got the rights back sooner for the ebooks but not the print, which thinking about it, I need to see when I get those back.)

Colby hit at the end of September and then it went downhill. I was out of time. There was no October release. Lucas (October) released at the beginning of November. Mace (November) released in December. I wrote a spin-off of Gideon‘s book, Under Her Spell, for a January release/box set, and Falcon didn’t come out until March 2016.

The wrap-up of the series, Chloe & Eros, didn’t release until August 2016 and wasn’t met with praise. I have to agree with reviews though. It isn’t what it should have been with the build up of their relationship over the previous 12 books. I’m almost ashamed of it and do, at some point, want to go back in and make it what it should have been.

2015 kind of killed me.

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