A Writer’s Journey – Part III

A Writer’s Journey – Part III

Second Year – 2014

This was not a productive year. I wrote 2 books. Through self-publishing we have Fly Guy Next Door. The second book in the Freefall series. I remember being so excited while writing it. I loved it. The characters. The setting. The relationships. Building a world I liked and hoped people would too.

People aren’t into my contemporary books. (Though as you will learn later, I still try it). I don’t know if my voice isn’t right or if the stories aren’t as compelling. Maybe it’s the setting, the world of skydiving, that put people off. I haven’t figured it out even to this day.

The second book was my first with a small publisher: Decadent Publishing. I was invited to write from Heather Long for the ROAR series. It was a new adult line, which was a first for me. I struggled a little with the genre. My oldest kiddo was a teenager and I wasn’t comfortable writing about a new adult (18 – 25). My characters ended up on the later end of the age spectrum.

This was also the year I started the next tiger book, Finding More. It didn’t get completed until 2017.

We moved midway through the year and if you’ve grown up in that military life, you know that it takes a lot out of a person. We moved from Washington state to Virginia. My hubby took our two boys and our two dogs over to VA first. They had a fun road trip and fiddled around here and there. My daughter and I took off later since she needed to finish up her freshman year of high school. My FIL came along for the ride, but I did all the driving. There was no stopping at cool places for us, just a lot of “are you here yet?” coming from hubby.

This break of releasing stories was probably one of the worst things to happen for my budding writing career. What I was learning but didn’t fully grasp was that I needed to keep putting out books on a consistent schedule. I tried doing this the following year which we’ll get to next time.

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