A new book from my oldest BFF (and I don’t mean her age)
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A new book from my oldest BFF (and I don’t mean her age)

Roz has been a good friend of mine since the early days. Which for me is 5th grade. Don’t ask me to remember before that because its hard and always starts with “Where was I living?” She was my first ever BFF before the term was even coined.

Roz writes action packed Sci-fi paranormal werewolves and vampires with a dash of romance for good measure. The second book in her Blood Memory series is now available her e-tailers near you.

bookcover2Blurb for book 2 –

The night began with such promise.

Following Vivienne Sena and Simon Huntington’s return from the deep cold tundra of Siberia, the Greater Pack and vampire clans celebrate the coming of the New Year.

Things have changed for Simon and Vivienne, now platonic friends, despite Simon’s wishful thinking. Together they embark on another adventure involving one Kyle Evans, human.

The Hammerthynn and Jameson packs are rocked to the core with death and destruction as an unseen adversary lays siege on the families.

Revelations, explosions, a new year, and more questions than answers – Book 2: Beneath The Surface starts with both feet running and ends with a truly, unbelievable and disastrous celebration.

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Blood Memory, Book 1 (FREE on Smashwords)
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Blood Memory, Book 2: Beneath the Surface
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