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The Alpha’s Saving Grace – Melissa Schroeder

Yesterday I reintroduced my wolf book that was in the Romancing the Wolf box set. Well, today I’m reintroducing you to Melissa Schroeder’s wold book that was also in the box set. The Alpha’s Saving Grace Lonestar Wolf Pack, Book 1 Reissue includes expanded scenes! As Alpha of the Lonestar Wolf Pack and Mayor of …


Returning Release: Under Her Spell

It’s a re-releasing….or more accurately a no-longer-part-of-a-box-set release. Last year, while writing Gideon, book 3 of the Mystic Zodiac series, I came up with a world that I absolutely fell in love with and came up with two new series/spin-offs. I immediately wanted to shift gears and concentrate on the Keystone Predators (the 1st spin-off) …


WIP Wednesday

WIP: Falcon: December


“Falcon has agreed to spend a couple days with us before they have to leave.”


“Still looking out for my well-being, big sis?”


“I always will.” She beamed a smile at Deval, who had taken a seat next to Falcon. Falcon glanced at the man then back to his sister. She was met with a steely-eyed look that told her Amara wasn’t saying it just for Deval’s benefit. She respected a woman who could stand up for her family in the face of a demon. They were truly a rare breed.