Lion for Her is Here!!!!

Eliza Gayle’s Southern Shifters KINDLE WORLDS has released!!! Everyone rejoice!!!!!! It was a bit of a long but really speedy road to get here. We had some hiccups, some fretting about our inboxes, but we got there is in the end. To celebrate (beside the massive amount of wine I need) there a few pretty …


Mystic Monday: Parvati Falls in Love

Parvati: February Heroine: Parvati Hero: Colin Patterson Ahhh Parvati. She loves love but hasn’t had the best of luck in that arena. In fact, guys have started going out with her as a way to find their one true love. She’s pretty sick of being the girl guys date in order to find another girl. Thank …


WIP Wednesday: Adrian

WIP: Adrian: August


SERIES: Mystic Zodiac

Lucas chuckled. “Don’t give me that look. And do go thinking I don’t know all about you, Adrian. I check out all of the people who apply to work here. Carol may have hired you but I know all about your other job. You’re a dragon; it’s to be expected. But try to keep your hands off the gems of young, hot girls.” Lucas gave him a knowing look.


Adrian worked to keep his face from flushing at being caught. Thank the Gods, or his parents, for his darker complexion. “Yes, sir.”


“Good. Just don’t do it again. Carol was able to convince the girl she wasn’t wearing it when she came in. But then I expected nothing less from my progeny. Now tell me about this Chinese Dragon and why you need to find her. I may know a few people who can help if need be.”


Seekrit Project has been revealed!

ELIZA GAYLE’S SOUTHERN SHIFTERS ON KINDLE WORLDS On August 11, 2015, Eliza Gayle’s Southern Shifters KindleWorld will officially launch. Authors will be able to write, upload and sell their original stories written within the Southern Shifters Kindle Worlds guidelines and readers get to enjoy even more Southern Shifters stories contributed by some of their favorite …


Mystic Monday: Looking Back at Thane

Thane: January Hero: Thane Heroine: Amara Hope Thane is a Fallen Angel, a Grigori, banished to the earthy realm for doing what Zeus himself does best. He doesn’t keep it in his pants. While this generally wouldn’t be a big deal, Thane manages to mess with one of Zeus’s women without the God’s permission. Amara Hope …