Guest, Pimpin'

Pimpin’: Marissa Dobson

PIMPIN‘: Operation Family by Marissa Dobson SERIES: SEALed For You BOOK: 4 BLURB: Navy SEAL Lieutenant Commander Mac García spent twenty years in the military but had no plans to retire. He didn’t know what his life would be like without the SEALs, and through the years he saw the worst in the world. He’d be …


WIP Wednesday: Parvati

WIP: Parvati

SERIES: Mystic Zodiac
MONTH: February

 “No, no, no.” Parvati smashed the keys on her keyboard hoping one of them would stop the pop-ups decorating her screen. Her computer display froze for a second before a new single box popped up in the middle. “You’re drunk. Go home. No one wants to date you.” The giant laughing emoticon that followed filling up the screen pushed her over the edge. Picking up her mouse she threw it across the room and watched it ping off the wall.


Decadent ROAR – Tempting Her Tiger

New Release: Tempting Her Tiger A Decadent ROAR AUTHOR: Virginia Cavanaugh BLURB: Attracting attention from the male species is a hard job, even more so when that male is shifter. So Stacia Carter has her work cut out for her. Problem is she’s been so sheltered all her life that she now has to learn to overcome …