I was looking at my blog posts and it seems it has been a while. Since I just finished up Claiming More and it is in the hands of the editor finally I’ll give you another snippet.

BW line

“Actually, I need to get back to my place. I, uh, sorta left some unfinished business there. I only wanted to make sure MJ found you and introduce the two of you.” Jessie hugged MJ. “Call me later if you need to talk some more.”

“Something unfinished, huh? Would that something have anything to do with the man I heard on the phone this morning?”

A pink blush bloomed across Jessie’s sun-kissed cheeks. “Behave, woman!”

“I always behave and maybe that’s been the problem.”

Jessie laughed. “You’re in good hands. Carolline will be able to get you to see the light.”

“Thanks,” MJ chuckled, slipping into a chair. “Have fun with your business. I hope sorting it out doesn’t take too long. Or maybe that’s what you would like.” She crossed her legs and folded her hands on her lap as she looked around the office. The innocent look on her face didn’t fool Carolline.

BW line